The Alternative To Dairy Milk

Is The Ideal Nutritious Choice 
For Distinctive Brain & 
Physical Development.

Children stomachs can be sensitive, some experience fussiness while drinking milk-based formulas. VG Mil formulated vegetable milk can be easier to digest and can provide gastrointestinal relief for children who have trouble digesting milk proteins.

VG Mil has enriched with daily balance of Ginkgo, DHA and SA that help support visual and mental development. VG Mil contains Probiotic and Prebiotic help to fight bad bacteria and strengthen immune system. VG Mil is high calcium in helping to build stronger bones.
Research has shown that children who consume grains products have a lower risk of obesity and diabetes, lower cholesterol, reduced risk of asthma, and may have reduced acne. Grains milk help children maintain their energy levels and feel fuller longer.


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