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The Fun of Art & Craft

There is no age boundary for Art & Craft. It is a hobby for both young and old and it could be a profession for some. Regardless of our backgrounds, we all have that one thing in common, the interest. At, there are plenty of mini figures waiting to be added into your collection.  For those who prefer making their figures from scratch, we also have variety of clays, clay art brush and clay pottery sculpting tools.

Spend some time in crochet to knit your own fluffy little deco. Own a crochet knitting needles, sewing kit and mini sewing machines at affordable prices.

Home Décor

Decorate and customize your home however you want it to be. Express your personal style and taste with some home decoration. Logon, the faster growing online shopping website in Malaysia, offers best quality home décor at the best price. You can choose from our wide selection of wallpapers for your home and oil painting to spice up your wall.  Complete your home deco with floorings to match your home makeover.

Garden Décor

Looking for something for your garden? Browse Logon for pots, fertilizer, pesticides, seeds for vegetables and flowers, lawnmower, gardening tools, garden hose or any other niche gardening tools you can imagine. Enjoy online shopping, savings, discounts and all the great deals without leaving the comfort of your couch.