• Ten level reduced light, unbiased color,super antireflective coating ,Waterproof,prevent oil pollution,The first-class surface finish
  • Zomei U-HD Fader ND gray is adjustable between 2-400, unbiasde color,without the"+"sign.Multistage obscuration.ND2-400,1-9 can adjust the light reduction
  • Adjustable the self-locking device, convenient positioning,import original light material
  • Extinction paint seiko manufacturing,To achieve the testing sights on military standard
  • Double-sided 18 floor coating ,Ultra-thin no dark corners.18-Layer super anti-reflection multi-coated with everclear 5(water repellent/anti-oil/anti-dust/anti-soil/scratch resistant) Coating Technology to withstand almost any conditions

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Color: 52mm


Minus lens is also called the neutral gray/neutral density mirror lens, referred to as "ND mirror, is a senior grey pure transparent optical glass, its effect is weakened through the lens of the light to reduce exposure. Due to the filter function is selective, that is to say, of light of different wavelengths of light reduce ability is equal, even, will not affect the color of the original object, so you can accurately scenery. Adjustable ND minus lens to choose from, there are many density ND2, ND4, ND8, can also be more neutral gray lens combination. It is not hard to see, ND behind the Numbers, which represents the ND mirror ability to block the light. And can be lowered, as its name implies is can adjust the ND numerical by rotating the lens, so more convenient we make light shooting. The main function 1. Need to be taken when low shutter speed during the day to be a long exposure of movement or continuous images 2. Need to shallow depth of field filming under large aperture, by fuzzy background highlight the effect of the theme 3. The need to control the iso is very bright in outdoor environment, ND2 - ND400 minus lens can keep the requires of exposure 4. To prevent camera exposure when using this lens to avoid minimum aperture is appeared when camera exposure

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