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售价/PRICE: RM 20.00 (不包括邮费/without shipping)

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重量/WEIGHT: 大概250克/ABOUT 250G


T & C


·         付款成功后,商品将会在7-14个周日工作天内抵达。如适逢公共假期将会有所延误,不便之处,敬请原谅。

·         损坏或瑕疵品:所指非人为剪破、洗不掉的大片污渍、衣服的袖子长短不一、无扣子影响穿着,拉链坏掉。请于收到货后,一次过检查所购的所有商品,(请勿分开数次呈报) 并要在收到商品后48 小时内反馈给店主(以拍照为准),逾期不予处理。(时间是以快递公司派送单的签收时间为准)

·         本店不提供退款服务。所有退换货品运输的费用,将由买家负责。退货前请联络店主,以确保接受退换理由.

·         以下情况不属于可换货或补贴范围:

a. 无任何损坏问题的商品。

b. 实物品质和颜色与图片有差距,没想象中美,穿着不舒服、没有图片中漂亮,颜色不同有差,颜色不喜欢,布料质量问题,尺寸有差,好透明,多线头、褶皱,做工粗细问题和其他等等我们都不接受为退换理由

c. 不影响整体穿着的瑕疵,如里衬、边角等不明显处开线,缝制不齐, 澹色衣服上的小暇斑、小污点, 稍有出厂包装气味和其他等等问题我们都不接受为退换理由。

·         由于个别电脑不同,网店所显示的商品颜色和布料效果会有所不同,因此都以收到的实物为准。

·         商品运抵却无人接收,因此运送所造成货物延迟抵达或有破损或丢失,我们将不承担相关责任。因此,请会员填写正确的联系资料,确定有人签收以避免以上的情况发生。

·         如收到货物时,包裹已经被打开,或看似经过开封后在粘回去的情况,请别签收,立刻退回给快递员,因为商品可能被拆开和破坏。

如收到错误商品即不是您所购买的商品,或不是你所订购的尺码、颜色、 款号,请立刻联系店主:信息联系: 016-6926012,或电邮信箱:。请保护好产品本身的完好,包装的完整、配件或相关资料的齐全,并请在48 小时内寄回给我们,邮费会付回给会员。我们都将尽快寄回你所购买的货物。








Terms and Conditions:

·         After confirmed received your payment, you will receive your goods within 7 to 14 working days. The delivery will be delay during Public Holiday, sorry for any inconvenience cause.

·         Damaged products: point to such as: non deliberate damage, stains that can’t be remove, the dissimilarity of the sleeves lengths, without buttons or zipper that effect the dress up. .Please contact the store owner immediately or within 48 hours after received the good by snap some photo to report all the damage goods at the same time .Exceed the said 48 hours ( time will base on the sign as received from the consignment or courier noted) there will be no any replacement ,arrangements or process will be taken.

·         We do not offer refunds. All return goods transport costs, will covered by the buyer. Please contact the owner before the return, in order to ensure that accept returned reasons.

·         The followings is not consider and accept as `can be refund` and `return or entitle for subsidy`:

a. Not a damage good

b. The goods which received is not look alike or same with the photo that show from the web store, not within the buyer imagination or can’t match the buyer expectation, not comfortable to wear, difference of colour or colour tone, the problem of the material or quality, the difference of size, the material or fabric too thin or transparent, thread problem, too many fold or pleated, the problem of workmanship and so on.

c. The causes that not affect the dress up such as: the sewing from the lining part problem, minor stain problem, and the packing smell.

·         Due to the differences display conditions in computer, all the items or products that show in the webstore will have slightly difference from the colour, quality of material from the actual products, and the correct products will base on the actual product that you receive

·         When the goods is reach the said shipping address but no recipient to receive the goods, the webstore owner will not responsible for all the causes which will be occur, example: goods get lost, late delivery and the shipping fee.

·         Do not sign on receive any goods which in bad condition or unwrapped condition, kindly return to the said delivery man.

If you receive the incorrect goods, that is not belong to your order, or the correct items but with incorrect size, colour that you has ordered, please contact the store owner immediately by Text massage: 016-6926012 or email: to  arrange for the return within 48 hours.

Please make sure the incorrect goods are in good conditions as you receive and return with full packing such as accessories and so on. The store owner will bear for the shipping fees. We will deliver your order as soon as possible.


You may contact the store owner by text massage: 016-6926012/ Email address:

Wish you have a great shopping experience with us and thank you for your visit, we hope for your next visit.


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