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    Zebra classic zebra single 18cm pot【Zebra 斑馬】經典單把湯鍋 18公分166318
  • ◎世界名牌--ZEBRA 
    The world famous brand --ZEBRA 
  • 高度: 10cm

    度: 18cm 

    量: 1.6L
    材質:ATST 304高級不鏽鋼 

    The health of 304 stainless steel material
    The rivets design, health scale, clean and convenient
    The pot edge concave intimate design, the soup is not easy to overflow
    ◎適合單身、外宿、小家庭等 使用 
    On the outside, suitable for single and small family etc.
    The applicable to various stoves

    亞洲著名不鏽鋼廚具品牌—ZEBRA ,以厚實的不鏽鋼材質享譽業界,全系列產品皆以高標準 不鏽鋼材質為基準,發展出 各式 最 符合亞洲人需求的實用高級製品。

    1. 304高級不銹鋼材質,具備耐酸、鹼、不易腐蝕、生銹氧化、不起化學變化,健康衛生等特性。
    2. 鍋身鍋蓋無鉚釘設計,衛生不卡垢,清潔方便。
    3. 鍋緣內凹貼心設計,湯汁不易溢出。
    4. 耐熱電木把手,安全好握,不燙手。
    5. 堅固耐用,鏡面拋光,清洗方便。
    6. 適合單身、外宿、小家庭等 使用。
    7. 適用多種爐具,瓦斯爐、電磁爐、

    Detailed introduction of the goods
    Brand story
    Asia famous stainless steel kitchenware brand, zebra, with thick stainless steel renowned industry, a full range of products and high standard stainless steel as a benchmark, of various types in accordance with the needs of Asians practical products.
    Product features
    1.304 advanced stainless steel material, with acid, alkali, not easy to corrosion, rust oxidation, can not afford the chemical change, health and health and so on.
    2 pot pot body without rivets, health card scale, clean and convenient.
    3 pot edge concave intimate design, the soup is not easy to overflow.
    4 heat resistant bakelite handle, safety and good grip, not hot.
    5 strong and durable, mirror polishing, easy to clean.
    6 suitable for single, outer Su, small family and so on.
    7 suitable for various stoves, gas stove, induction cooker,

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