Thyme essential oil may support wellness*, and can be used as a pleasant, flavorful addition to savory dishes. Thyme includes the naturally occurring constituents thymol, para-cymene, and gamma-terpinene, and is an important ingredient in Longevity™ essential oil blend, Inner Defense™, ParaFree™, and Rehemogen™.

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Thyme essential oil (Thymus vulgaris CT thymol) is derived from the steam distillation of the leaves, stems, and flowers of the plant. It has a fresh, herbaceous aroma to it...yes, it smells like thyme. Historically, it's said to be that thyme was used in embalming, as well as for religious ceremonies, or funeral rites. More contemporary uses emphasize the medicinal uses of thyme, based on its chemical components, such as phenols and terpenes.

Many studies have been done on thyme to shown it may be used to support the immune system, muscular health, joint support, respiratory wellness, and emotional support, especially with things such as infections. It can also be used in cleaning because of its purifying qualities.

Primary Benefits


  • Cleansing and purifying effect for the skin
  • Broad-spectrum activity in promoting winter-time health
  • Use in flavoring


Emotional Benefits

For emotional and spiritual uses, Thyme essential oil has been used for everything from courage and warding off nightmares, to energizing and revitalizing the soul, aiding focus and mental clarity, and uplifting moods. It's said to be the "oil of releasing and forgiveness", since it's a powerful cleanser and is thought to help a person "cleanse" blocked or stuck emotions. In this way it might help with the emotions that apply (anger, resentment, etc).

Popular Uses of Thyme Essential Oil


  • Use 1–2 drops in meat and entrée dishes to add a fresh herbal flavor.
  • Dilute with fractionated coconut oil then apply to targeted areas on the skin to purify and promote healthy skin.
  • Add 2 drops to veggie capsules and take during winter time to promote immunity.
  • Apply 1 diluted drop over the heart up to a few times a day for resentment.
  • To stop snoring, apply one drop (possibly diluted) to the big toe before bed each night.





百里香精油是已知的最有效的防腐劑精油之一。它的主要成分,百里酚,是已被廣泛記載,它能抗菌,抗病毒和抗真菌。據Jean Valnet, M.D., 百里香精油能殺死炭疽桿菌,傷寒桿菌,腦膜炎雙球菌,並對結核病作出反應。Jean Valnet, M.D.,




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