Orange (Citrus sinesis) essential oil includes the naturally occurring constituent limonene. Orange is also a wonderful addition to enhance the flavor of many foods and drinks.

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10 Uses For Orange Essential Oil
1. Inhale for a quick pick-me-up to start your day

2. Place drops on air vents to freshen a room.

3. Diffuse in a room to cheer up cranky kids.

4. Combine 24 drops with 4 ounces water. Shake well and spray on houseplants to discourage pests.

5. Use 1-2 drops to lift grease or glue from surfaces.

6. Place several drops in indoor garbage cans to improve scent and discourage bugs

7. Use with kosher salt as homemade fabric softener crystals.

8. Make a natural spider deterrent spray by combining 5 drops essential oil, 5 drops soap and 1 quart water.

9. Add a few drops into your body scrub and feel refreshed and awake as you step out of the shower each day.

10. Add 10 drops to a natural floor cleaner to make the whole house smell fresh.    

Orange 甜橙精油 是一款十分安全的精油, 它的香味深受小孩喜愛。

Orange 甜橙精油,具有抗憂鬱、抗痙攣、健胃和溫和鎮定的效果
它還有促進腸管正蠕動的效能, 對治療便秘及慢性腹瀉有卓越療效

Orange 甜橙精油有著橘類的香甜, 味道溫暖而圓潤, 聞了會讓人感到心情愉悅. 精油中保留了果實成熟所必須的陽光, 因此非常適合冬天使用. 把它當作冬季洗澡油, 可讓人精神振奮, 適合和 Cinnamon 肉桂, Numeg 肉豆蔻, Clove丁香, Lavender薰衣草, Frankincense乳香, Neroli橙花 等精油混合, 而橙類精油也很適合用來舒緩失眠症.

Orange 甜橙精油 可以抗沮喪, 抗菌, 抗痙攣, 袪腸胃腸氣, 利消化, 幫助退燒, 鎮靜, 利胃.

薰香可以舒緩 緊張和壓力, 改善焦慮而導致的失眠; 當缺乏活力時, 可使人恢復生氣

對於緊張狀態下的胃痛特別有安撫作用, 亦能改善腹瀉和便秘等

Orange甜橙 還能刺激膽汁分泌, 幫助消化脂肪和幫助吸收維他命C, 藉些抵抗病毒感染, 對感冒, 支氣管炎,

Orange甜橙可幫助膠原形成, 對身體組織的生長與修復有一定的幫助

Orange甜橙亦有使人放鬆的屬性, 能有效舒緩肌肉疼痛

Orange甜橙 可促進發汗, 幫助阻塞的皮膚排出毒素. 改善乾燥皮膚, 皺紋及濕疹, 是一種相當優異的護膚精油.

** Orange 甜橙會引起光敏反應, 甪後12小時內不可直接日曬


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