It’s no surprise that Frankincense (Boswellia carterii) has been sought after since ancient times. The complex aroma of this oil can elevate many aspects of your life. Diffuse Young Living Frankincense oil to refine your sense of purpose or add it to your beauty routine for a luxurious experience.

Frankincense essential oil has an earthy, uplifting aroma that’s perfect for grounding and spiritual connectedness. Create a safe and comforting environment when you diffuse or inhale this empowering oil—a perfect opportunity to collect your thoughts. When you seek purpose or engage in prayer or meditation, use this oil to enhance your experience.

In addition to elevated spiritual experiences, the benefits of Frankincense essential oil include maintaining radiant skin. Its ability to smooth the look of healthy skin makes this oil a key part of our Boswellia Wrinkle Cream™.

Frankincense is also an important ingredient in Awaken™, Brain Power™, Forgiveness™, and Highest Potential™.

Product Details

Frankincense essential oil (Boswellia frereana, Boswellia carterii, and/or Boswellia sacra) is a tree or shrub that produces a gum or resin that can be steam distilled into an essential oil with HUGE health benefits. Although frankincense trees can be grown anywhere, they are most popular in the Middle East and the region of Oman and Somalia is known for producing the best, highest quality oils today. The aroma of frankincense is uniquely warm, deep, rich, and incense-like. I love it so much I refer to Ol' Frankie as my secret lover. The high level of monoterpenes and sesquiterpenes usually get all the attention with the way they promote the body's natural healing processes.

Primary Benefits


  • Helps build and maintain a healthy immune system
  • Promotes cellular health
  • Reduces the appearance of scars and stretch marks
  • Calming and soothing to the skin


Emotional Benefits

Because of its emotional and spiritual affect, the high vibrational aroma of frankincense essential oil is commonly used in prayer and meditation, helping a person drop out of their mind and Ego and move into presence with their spirit or center of consciousness. It helps a person lean into their own spiritual practice with trust by dropping fear and other barriers to a deeper connection of one's own understanding.

Frankincense Essential Oil Uses

  • Invite elevated spiritual experiences every day by diffusing this oil in your home or office.
  • Add Frankincense to your daytime lotion or night cream for a custom moisturizer that highlights your natural beauty.
  • Incorporate Frankincense into your yoga ritual by diffusing this oil during your routine and following up with a post-practice massage.

Product Tips

  • Inhale frankincense essential oil after lunch to spiritually refocus.
  • Rub frankincense essential oil on the bottom of your feet to help alleviate nervous energy.

Frankincense 乳香於16世紀已記載在醫療記錄上, 可用來治療各種疾病,包括癌症, 亦有美容功效,古埃及其認為它比黃金其有價值

1滴Frankincense+ 1滴 Lavender + V6 或 任何沒有化學成份的乳霜 每晚按摩面部

每晚1滴Frankincense 於雀班 或 荷爾蒙斑位
**註 皮膚更新週期為28天, 每晚使用以上配方, 28天後你會看見皮膚有所改善, 另外 精油係植物精華, 如使用以上方法, 面部保養品請注意不要含有化學成份

1滴Frankincense 於眼部出面 即眉骨及眼肚位 每4小時一次 有助舒緩

1滴Frankincense + 沒有化學成份的乳霜 每晚打圈按摩眼部

1滴Frankincense 於患處

1滴Frankincense 打圈按摩於患處止痕

每日8滴Frankincense 於Capsules 服用
–曾有個案喉癌, 患者每日6-8次 1滴Frankincense 於喉嚨位, 1.5月後覆診, 癌腫瘤縮小了

4-5滴Frankincense 於擴香機, 幫助舒緩抑鬱 或焦慮的情緒,作冥想時用

–用電話電腦多,長期對住mon, 眼乾又開始不能聚焦,我會將一滴乳香滴在手心,雙手搓熱,再放在眼前眼睛滾動舒緩,再蓋上眼,把手上的精油搽於眉心眼蓋舒緩

–本人有飛蚊症已超過10年,認識YL後,用5滴Frankincense 加入10ml蘆薈Gel, 每晚打圈按摩眼部, 加上每日飲用NXR杞子莓汁,大約1個半月 , 隻蚊消失了

–女兒經常周圍跳撞瘀,1滴Frankincense 於患處 每4小時1次, 大約2-3日痊癒了

–被蚊咬,1滴Frankincense 於打圈按摩患處 , 可以減少紅腫


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