Copaiba essential oil may promote wellness, and can be an important part of a daily health regimen*. This oil includes the naturally occurring constituents beta-caryophyllene and alpha-humulene, and can be mixed with honey and warm water for a warming, essential oil-infused tea.

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Copaiba Oil is a wonderful essential oil that has traditionally been used to support the body's natural response to irritation and support healthy digestion*.  From the oleoresin of the Copaiba Tree.


It is harvested similarly to how we collect maple syrup! It is taken right from the tree through a pipe drilled into the tree! The essential oil is then produced by steam distilling the copal (oleoresin collected from the tree).

Copaiba is often used interchangeably with copal oil, but my understanding is that copaiba oil is technically more accurate if using the essential oil from the copaiba tree, Copaifera reticulata. This genus species is also the only species that is indigenous to the Ama

How do Use:

Use diluted - 50:50 dilution (one part essential oil: one part of vegetable oil). Then,

  • Apply several drops (2-4) on location
  • Apply to chakras/vitaflex points
  • Directly inhale,
  • Diffuse, or
  • May be used as a dietary supplement.
  • Copaiba苦配巴精油
  • 產地: Brazil


    Copaiba的香氣像很輕的檀香, 有改善關節和胃部不適的豐富文獻,此精油含有人類已知的任何天然或合成精油中最高的抗炎物質,對心臟健康非常好,在美國的傳統藥典,是可以用來幫助消化,支援身體的損傷

    於芳香療法主要作用: 它具有強力消炎的特質, 可以舒緩 泌尿系統感染, 尿道炎, 支氣管感染, 傷口潰瘍

    –本人有肩周炎,有時出街手袋太重,令肩膀很痛,1-2滴Copaiba+V6 (底油) 按摩,可以舒緩
    –我比較過用RainDrop搽完9支精油後, 最尾用多1滴Copaiba, 可以舒緩感冒引起的肌肉痛
    –用1滴Copaiba 按摩蚊咬引起的紅腫, 可以加速痊癒





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