Cedarwood (Cedrus atlantica) has a warm, woodsy aroma that creates a comforting, uplifting experience. Use Cedarwood oil to add its invigorating scent to your life through aromatic and topical uses.


Young Living Cedarwood essential oil is a great way to enhance your favorite beauty products. You’ll want to use it for its fresh, earthy aroma, in addition to its ability to smooth the look of skin and shine hair. You can also create a calming yet powerful environment when you diffuse this oil or add it to massage oil blends.


You can find Cedarwood in Young Living products such as Grounding™, Highest Potential™, and Brain Power™ essential oil blends and Cel-Lite Magic™ massage oil.


Cedarwood Essential Oil Uses

  • Smooth skin by adding Cedarwood to your favorite lotions and skin care products.
  • Place a few drops in your shampoo and conditioner for shinier-looking hair.
  • Pamper yourself with an at-home scalp massage. Warm a few drops between your hands and rub into your scalp for healthy-looking hair.
  • Create custom scents featuring Cedarwood on its own or as a base for your own signature scent. Try combining it with essential oils such as Tea Tree, Neroli, or Bergamot.
  • Enjoy the outdoors annoyance free with Cedarwood blended with oils such as Citronella, Rosemary, Tea Tree, Myrtle, Clove, or Lemongrass.

EarthKosher Certified EarthKosher Certified



Cedrus atlantica† (Cedarwood) bark oil

†100% pure, therapeutic-grade essential oil



What is Cedarwood Essential Oil?

It’s no wonder why cedars were the trees mentioned most in the Bible, symbolizing a source of protection, wisdom and abundance.

Cedarwood essential oil is extracted through the process of steam distillation from wood pieces of the cedar wood tree. The major components of cedarwood essential oil are alpha-cedrene, beta-cedrene, cedrol, widdrol, thujopsene and a group of sesquiterpenes — all of which contribute a great deal to its health benefits.


Cedarwood Essential Oil Benefits

Some of the most common benefits of cedarwood essential oil include:

  • improves focus and wisdom
  • promotes hair growth
  • has anti-inflammatory agents
  • cures toothaches
  • strengthens gums
  • reduces skin irritations
  • relives spasms
  • cures fungal infections
  • repels bugs
  • cures acne
  • reduces cough
  • stimulates metabolism
  • regulates menstruation
  • tightens muscles
  • cleans out toxins

Clearly, cedarwood essential oil is a great tool for your medicine cabinet. It has not only external health benefits, but also the power to improve your digestive and circulatory function as well.


Top 15 Cedarwood Essential Oil Uses

1. Eczema — Eczema is a common skin disorder that causes dry, red, itchy skin that can blister or crack. Cedarwood essential oil can cure the inflammation that leads to this irritating skin issue — it reduces skin pealing and treats the infection with its antifungal properties. There are a few ways to add cedarwood essential oil to your daily routine. Add the oil to your skin lotion or soap, rub it on the infected or itchy area directly, or make yourself a bath with five drops of cedarwood oil added to it.

2. Hair loss — Cedarwood essential oil can stimulate the hair follicles and increase circulation to the scalp. This contributes to hair growth and slows hair loss. Herbalists and aromatherapists have recommended essential oils for years to treat hair loss, thinning hair and various types of alopecia.

There’s evidence that applying cedarwood oil, in combination with the essential oils from thyme, rosemary andlavender, to the scalp improves hair growth in up to 44 percent for people with hair loss after seven months of treatment. To do this, add cedarwood oil to your shampoo or conditioner, or just massage the oil into your scalp and let it sit for 30 minutes before rinsing. (1)

3. Dry scalp — Cedarwood essential oil helps reduce dry or flaky scalp. It stimulates the scalp and increases circulation. To take advantage of this essential oil benefit, mix two drops of cedarwood essential oil with coconut oil to create a mixture with antifungal and moisturizing properties. Add the mixture to your scalp, and rub it in for five minutes. For the best results, let it sit on your scalp for 30 minutes or so — then wash it out.

4. Antiseptic properties — Cedarwood essential oil can safely be applied topically on wounds as an antiseptic. It defends the body against toxins and relieves your white blood cells and immune system of stress or malfunction — this protects your internal functions and fights off bacteria in the body. Create an oil rub by mixing cedarwood essential oil with coconut oil, and then rub the mixture on your body to help with wounds, scars or infections.

5. Reduces arthritis — Inflammation of the joints and tissues, which are common symptoms of arthritis, can lead to debilitating pain or discomfort; this can be lessened with the use of cedarwood essential oil. By inhaling the oil, or using it externally on the skin, you reduce inflammation — which minimizes joint stiffness. Try making yourself a bath with five to 10 drops of cedarwood essential oil. (2)

6. Relieves spasmodic conditions — If you struggle with restless leg syndrome, respiratory seizures, asthma and other spasmodic conditions, you can find relief by taking advantage of the calming and soothing properties of cedarwood essential oil. These spasms may affect the respiratory system, muscles, intestines, heart and nerves.

7. Natural deodorizer — Cedarwood essential oil is comforting, reassuring and also possesses a wood-like pleasant scent. It adds a warm tone to any blend of perfumes or oil mixtures. It’s also known to bring people together and improve personal outlook and self-esteem. This may seem strange, but the soothing power of cedarwood oil has the ability to change a person’s perspective. Inhaling cedarwood oil, vaporizing it or adding it to a body spray can have long-lasting therapeutic effects.

8. Tightens muscles — Because cedarwood essential oil is an astringent, it tightens loose muscles and creates a feeling of firmness and youth. It also hardens the muscles of the digestive system, which helps with stomach issues likediarrhea. Rub three to five drops of cedarwood essential oil into your hands, and then massage any sore or tight muscles. Massage your abs, arms, chest and legs. You feel a soothing and fresh sensation.

9. Serves as a diuretic — Cedarwood essential oil increases the frequency of urination and therefore removes harmful toxins, excess water and fat from the body. Rub two drops of cedarwood essential oil into your hands and massage your bladder and kidneys. This helps with urinary tract infections, water retention and kidney issues.

10. Improves Focus and ADHD — study performed by Dr. Terry Friedmann M.D. and Dennis Eggett from Bringham Young University found that using cedarwood oil on children could greatly improve their focus and learning capacity. 34 children with ADHD were given different single oils including vetiver, cedarwood, lavender and an oil blend.

Children held up a bottle of essential oils and took three deep inhalations 3x a day for thirty days. At the end of the study subjects retook an EEG and T.O.V.A. test and with both vetiver and cedarwood oil there were significant changes. The results showed cedarwood oil inhalation improved focus in children with ADHD by 65%!

11. Cough relief — Cedarwood essential oil has the power to remove phlegm from the respiratory tract and lungs, which reduces congestion from a cough or cold. Try using a cedarwood essential oil before you go to sleep — it loosens bothersome phlegm and relieves headaches as well. Rub two drops of oil onto your chest and throat and rub it in for a minute; you can also add the oil to your nose and upper lip to help with breathing. 

12. Bug repellant — Cedarwood essential oil drives away mosquitoes, flies and other insects. You can put a few drops of oil on your skin to keep them away outdoors, or use a vaporizer to keep them out of the house or apartment. You can also spray diluted cedarwood essential oil on your bed and coaches to keep the pests away.

One study measured the effectiveness of cedarwood oil against the pulse beetle and the housefly, and the results showed insecticidal activity against both test species. The study suggests that cedarwood oil can be an active natural product that, when added to commercial insecticides, is beneficial. (3)

Do you have a problem with moths eating your clothes? Use cedarwood essential oil to keep them away (without the smell of mothballs). Add cedarwood essential oil to cotton balls and place them in your closet, on your hangers and inside of storage boxes.

13. Relieves tension — Because cedarwood essential oil is a sedative, it has the power to relieve tension and stressthat affects your health. It has a soothing and calming effect on the mind, reduces inflammation and muscle pain, and minimizes skin irritation or itchiness. The scent of cedarwood essential oil encourages the release of serotonin, which is converted into melatonin in the brain. Melatonin induces restorative sleep and leaves you feeling calm.

One interesting study measured the sedative properties of cedarwood oil. The study included rats that inhaled cedrol, a component of cedarwood oil. Motor activity in the rats decreased significantly; the rats that were given caffeine and categorized as hyperactive also showed a decrease it activity. Sleeping rates in the rats increased as well. (4)

These aromatherapy properties of cedarwood essential oil help people with chronic stress and depression. All you have to do is inhale cedarwood essential oil directly from the bottle; you can also diffuse a few drops of oil or rub a drop of oil right above your eyebrows to relieve tension.

14. Kills fungal infections — Cedarwood essential oil cures internal and external fungal infections. It can protect you from fungal pathogens and food poisoning. One study done at the Department of Oral Medicine and Radiology in India found that cedarwood essential oil is a viable alternative to other antibacterial agents and is an effective module in controlling both bacteria and yeasts responsible for oral infections. The study also proved that cinnamon oil,lemongrass oilclove oil and eucalyptus oil have the same antifungal properties. (5) 

15. Cures acne — Cedarwood essential oil protects skin pores from letting in dust or any harmful microbes into the body, which lead to acne and skin infections. Cedarwood oil is also effective for tightening the facial skin and giving it a youthful appearance. To cure your acne naturally, add one drop of cedarwood essential oil to your lotion or face soap, or massage the oil into your skin all by itself. This exercise can be added to your daily routine in order to eliminate acne.

You can also make your own face scrub by combining cedarwood essential oil with Epsom salt and coconut oil. Mix these ingredients together until you get a rough and slightly oily texture — then use the mixture to exfoliate your face and help eliminate acne for good.


Cedarwood 北非雪松


在遠古時代, 人們就已經知道Cedarwood雪松的醫療價值, 所有古文明的醫藥, 化妝品和香水都用到雪松. 埃及人還利用雪松來保存屍體及製造木乃伊
Cedarwood雪松木中所含的精油成份很高, 而且非常香, 所以經常作為建材及儲存箱的原料
Cedarwood雪松的香味可以驅趕白蟻, 螞蟻, 蠹魚, 蛾和其他有害昆蟲
西藏人非常喜愛用Cedarwood雪松作為薰香之用, 同時亦是西藏傳統醫學的重要藥材之一
Cedarwood雪松是很有效的消毒劑, 非常適合於治療慢性支氣管炎, 尿道感染, 黏膜炎, 膀胱炎和陰道炎

Cedarwood 雪松也可以用作皮膚毛孔的收斂劑及舒緩青春痘, 可以調和及振奮神經, 幫助減少壓力和緊張

Cedarwood雪松比較適合處理慢性疾病, 不適合於急性的症狀
主用在於呼吸道方面, 由於其止咳化痰的特性, 能改善支氣管炎, 咳嗽, 以及流鼻水等問題
而過多的痰亦可以藉Cedarwood雪松來舒緩, 因為它有乾化的效果.
它對於生殖及泌尿系統的療效也很有益處, 如膀胱炎, 還可以調節腎臟功能. 另外其消炎功用,能減輕慢性風濕痛與關腹部炎的疼痛

Cedarwood能舒援及改善免疫和淋巴系統,改善呼吸系統循環,有助改善多動症。 它還能打擊脫髮(斑禿),舒援動脈硬化,幫助克服抑鬱症

–失眠 4滴Lavender+3滴Cedarwood 於擴香機薰香
–女兒不專心做功課,1滴Cedarwood 於2隻腳趾公
–壓力性脫髮 10滴Cedarwood +5滴 Stress Away + 20ml V6 (底油), 每晚Roll-on 整個頭, 1星期已有明顯改善


Cedarwood oil benefits






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