Basil has a strong, spicy aroma that is invigorating to the spirit, bringing a sense of balance and calms the mind. This great oil is one of the oils included in Young Living Raindrop Technique.

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Not all basil essential oils are created equally, but a high quality brand with an emphasis on purity has some incredibly potent properties and a multitude of uses. Yes, basil (ocimum basilicum) oil smells like Italian food and if you use it topically, so will you. (So eat first.)

It is mostly used for respiratory, muscular, and joint support, but what makes the oil so much more powerful than the leaves is simply the potency. The compounds found in the oil of the steam distilled leaves, stems, and flowers are much greater than what we find in dried or even fresh leaves.

Primary Benefits:


  • Soothes sore muscles and joints
  • Assists with clear breathing
  • Acts as a cooling agent for the skin
  • Promotes mental ness and lessens anxious feelings


Emotional Benefits

Emotionally and spiritually, basil essential oils are helpful in dealing with feelings of anxiety, fear, or nervousness, and has been said to be the oil of "renewal". It is strengthening and calming to the heart and mind, making it perfect for overwhelm, stress, fatigue, and may even assist a person in their efforts to overcome addiction. We've used them for everything from the First-Day-of-High-School jitters (my son) to Learning-to-Drive-a-Stick anxiety (me, thankyouverymuch).

Popular Uses of Basil Essential Oil


  • Diffuse to sharpen focus while studying or reading.
  • Apply to minor skin irritations. For sensitive skin, dilute with fractionated coconut oil.
  • Apply to fatigued or sore muscles and joints.
  • Diffuse or apply topically to promote clear breathing (yes, it will make you hungry for caprese).
  • Use basil essential oils topically on the feet or by diffusing them aromatically to fight fatigue.
  • Use 1-3 drops in a recipe in place of fresh or dried basil for flavor.
  • Use aromatically or massage over solar plexus and heart as needed for fear.
Basil 羅勒

產地: India, Utah, France

古時候, 人們利用Basil 羅勒來治療胸腔感染, 消化系統問題以及黃疸.

吸入Basil 羅勒 精油, 可以舒緩頭痛, 偏頭痛和感冒等疾病, Basil 羅勒精油可舒緩各種呼吸道感染, 如支氣管炎和咳嗽,

用它在胃部及腹部輕輕按摩, 可以緩和痙攣及消化系統的不適, 也可減輕月經時的腹痛或增加月經流量.

而Basil 羅勒很少單獨用於按摩, 大多會混合其他精油, 與薰衣草複方, 特別適合治療肌肉疲勞, 緊張或勞動過度. 它具有激勵和調節性的精油. 如稀釋後使用, 可促進皮膚健康, 增加光澤.

Basil 羅勒 可使感覺敏銳並使精神集中, 能穩定歇斯底里與神經功能失調, 當感覺虛弱時, 可振奮沮喪的情緒.

Basil 羅勒 對治療頭痛和偏頭痛有非常好的效果, 據說可使瞬間的暈眩和暫時的麻痺恢恢正常. 它可以消除鼻黏膜上的息肉, 改善耳痛. 能減輕過敏的症狀, 因為羅勒會影響腎上腺皮質, 而腎上腺皮質能控制因壓力而造成的過敏現象. 羅勒有類似雌激素的作用, 對月經方面的問題通常都很有用, 如經血過少, 乳房腫脹等.它還可用於黃蜂和昆蟲咬傷.

Basil 羅勒 常被用於治療鼻竇充血, 氣喘, 支氣管炎, 肺氣腫, 流行性感冒, 百日咳. 亦可幫助回復因鼻黏膜發炎而喪失的嗅覺. 對消化系統問題也很有療效, 如嘔吐, 胃痙攣, 噁心, 消化不良, 上呼吸道的不適和打嗝. 而它的抗菌作用可淨化腸和腎. Basil 羅勒可降低血中的尿酸, 進而緩解痛風和肌肉疼痛, 促進血液流通, 能減輕涼`深層肌肉的痙攣.

皮膚療效 : 對下垂, 毛孔粗大的皮膚, 有緊實和更新清爽之功效, 也能控制粉刺.

***使用禁忌 : Basil 羅勒 具激勵和調節性, 不要過量使用, 孕婦忌用

保健芳香療法配方 (配方資料祇供參考)

-舒緩情緒薰香法 : Basil 羅勒4滴, Lemon檸檬4滴, Juniper杜松2滴.

-舒緩精神疲勞和神經性失眠薰香法 : Basil 羅勒4滴, Lavender薰衣草3滴, Romon Chamomile羅馬洋甘菊2滴.

-舒緩感冒鼻塞吸入法 : Basil 羅勒2滴, Pine松2滴

-消化不良 : Basil 羅勒5滴, Peppermint薄荷3滴, Romon Chamomile羅馬洋甘菊2滴, 1:20稀釋於V6中按摩.

-刺激荷爾蒙 : Basil 羅勒4滴, Lavender薰衣草4滴, Jasmine茉莉2滴, 1:20稀釋V6中按摩.

-減輕肌肉疼痛 : Basil 羅勒5滴, Marjoram馬鬱蘭3滴, Rosemary迷迭香2滴, 1:20稀釋於V6中按摩.

-改善皮膚鬆弛, 清潔皮脂堵塞及預防粉刺的保養 :Basil 羅勒5滴, Rose玫瑰4滴, Rosemary迷迭香2滴, 1:30稀釋於蘆薈凝膠或乳液底霜中.

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