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Yanhee Slim Gel Beauty Skin Slim Gel For Body Slim 

Yanhee Slim Gel is an efficient fat reducer that makes use of natural ingredients with no side effects which make it a safe and an efficient product.  The ingredients contained in the formula breaks down further the stubborn excess fat and  will prevent the formation of new cellulite. Yanhee Slim Gel may also assist in increasing the elasticity of the skin and its firmness.

HOW TO USE: Using circular movements apply the gel twice a day on the areas of the waist, the belly and buttocks or the areas you want treated. Massage vigorously for 3-5 minutes before exercising, after showering.  Allow the slimming gel to penetrate into the skin.  Work in using energetic kneading movements.

INGREDIANT: Coffee Bean Extract, aqua, mineral oil, propylene glycol, carbomer, glycerine, triethanolamine, methyplaraben, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Capsicum Extract, propylparaben


1.  People who need to lose weight in arm, abdomen, waist, hip, etc;
2.  Bad blood circulation and metabolism and could not discharged excess body water;
3.  People who have cellulite or obesity pattern because of obesity;
4.  People who need to tighten the skin, shape perfect body after weight loss.

PRECAUTIONS:  Avoid contact with eyes, delicate parts of the body such as neck and  chest and so on. Perform a skin sensitivity test before using this product by apply onto the delicate part of skin, e.g. inside of the arm, if no reaction occurs after 10 minutes, you are ready to use it. 

STORAGE: Store in cool and dry place






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