Rice has been a staple dish for many cuisines in Malaysia for a very long time now; can you imagine eating nasi lemak, biryani, and economy rice without the rice? How weird would that be right?! With the XMA1.8L Straight Type R/Cooker-188RC, you can now prepare a seemingly endless amount of delicious rice for the whole family. 

Large Capacity

At 1.8 litres, the 188RC is able to accommodate a large amount of rice in one session, ensuring that even with a full pot; you will still have delicious and tasty rice for lunch and dinner. It also comes with a rice spoon and a measuring cup to ensure that you get a sufficient amount of rice and water mixed together. 

Long-lasting Warmth

The 188RC comes with an automatic keep warm feature which will help you keep your rice nice, warm, and ready to be eaten at any given time. This allows you to start preparing other dishes while the rice just sits and waits patiently without any of the heat exiting it. 

Attractive and Innovative Design

TheXMA Rice Cooker XMA-188RC comes in a simple white design that camouflages easily into the backgrounds of your tiles. It's capable of retaining the natural flavour and nutrients of your rice, making your daily meals more supple and nutritious to keep the energy going! 

Versatile and Multi-Function

The XMA Rice Cooker XMA-188RC has two functions to prepare your meal. First, it automatically cooks your rice without you having to push any buttons, and second, it keeps your rice warm so you can have tasty, pleasant meals every time! It also comes with a measuring cup and serving spoon. 

Low Maintenance Cost

Apart from its functional design and technologies, the XMA Rice Cooker XMA-188RC can easily be maintained and lasts a long time. That's definitely the two important qualities you need to look out for when it comes to rice cookers! 

Product Details

  • 1.8L
  • 220 - 240V - 700W
  • Efficient & fast
  • Automatic keep warm


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