Designed for Wear Protection and Restoring Repair of Power Steering Pumps and other Hydraulic Equipments.


It is specially designed for Revitalization of Hydraulic Equipments, Power Steering System and so forth. A New Metalloceramics Coating is formed on the friction pairs. As a result, the renovated unit surpasses the new one with its performance characteristics and is guaranteed to serve 2 – 4 times longer.


Technical Characteristics


General Characteristics of the CERMET Layer: -

÷   Micro-hardness – 650 to 750 kg/mm2;

÷   High Corrosion Resistance;

÷   Roughness Ra up to 0.06 micron


Additional Advantages: -

÷   Decreases loads on steering wheel;

÷   Increase hydraulic pump performance level;

÷   Improves the accuracy of hydraulic system operation after 50 – 100 km run;

÷   Reduces noise and vibration of a steering wheel booster pump;

÷   Protects metal parts from wear during insufficient oil level;

÷   Eliminates or reduces hydraulic pump howling or humming sound.


Application Procedures

We congratulate you on your decision to purchase XADO Gel – Revitalizant which will benefits your vehicle, the environment and your wallet. It will reduce friction and wear and extend the operational lifespan of your engine.

Please read and follow all information given in this user guide to get the optimum effect of XADO Gel – Revitalizant Treatment.

Product Details

Before you get started: -


1.    XADO Metalloceramics Coating makes it possible to restore different kind of worn out parts to their original condition provided that metal parts are only worn out but not damaged.

2.    If the service life of any parts are coming to an end (severely worn out or 100% damaged), replace them.

3.    If there is additional additives in the Power Steering Fluid, change the oil and clean the filter respectively.

4.    Before the Treatment Procedures started, make sure that there are no oil leaks in the system.

5.    The specifications and quality of oil used should follow the manufacturer’s recommendation.

6.    Take into account that the maximum oil quantity level in the system should not be overfilled.

7.    If the oil is highly contaminated, we recommend that you change and flush the system before XADO Treatment.

8.    Reconditioned Power Steering Systems are strongly recommended to treat with XADO Gel – Revitalizant.

9.    Power Steering Fluid MUST NOT be changed until XADO Treatment Process completed. The whole Treatment Process will be completed within 1,500 km – 2,000 km.

10.  In certain critical cases (metal parts are severely worn out), repetitive treatment may require. Please consult with our Product’s Advisor for further information.

11.  XADO protective Metalloceramics coating is formed on any working mechanism (metal parts only), however, if the hydraulic system (O rings and other metal parts) which are in critical condition (100% worn out or damaged), should be replaced before treatment.

12.  You must ensure all the hydraulic hoses are in good condition, if the hoses are hardenized, it must be replaced immediately prior treatment.




Hydraulic Oil Volume (L)

Number of Tube(S)

Treatment Scheme

1 – 2



2 – 5



5 - 8




Method of Application


1.    Check the hydraulic fluid level in the system;

2.    Add XADO Gel – Revitalizant for Power Steering System into the system;

3.    Turn steering wheel (left & right) or driving at the curvy road for (5 – 10 minutes)

4.    The whole Revitalization Process is considered completed after 50 hours operation or 1,500 km run.


Important Note:


÷   The sure sign of Revitalization at the beginning stage will be the improvement in steering operation (hydraulic pump force augmentation, operation accuracy, noise reduction).

÷   If after 100 – 200 km run, system operation improvement does not occur, the most probable cause is pre – treatment diagnostic fault.


Customer’s Experiences: -


Hydraulic steering wheel booster in ‘Volga’ car usually makes ‘Hissing Sound’. This noise really irritating while driving the car. The manufacturer concede the ‘Hissing Sound’ of the hydraulic steering wheel booster under loads at low speed and do not consider it as a defect. Finally XADO – Gel – Revitalizant for Power Steering System rectified this issue.

T & C

*Customer MUST prove by providing us a photo of detective item.
*Buyer will require to notify us upon returning the goods. Kindly please send an email ( to us within 3 days receiving parcel or your issue will not be served.
*Item must be return in the original packaging, the product taps, tag, carton or boxes, any missing item will be rejected.
*Any item in an unsuitable condition will be returned to you with and email notifying you of our decision.
*We are not responsible for any items lost in the post when returned to us, we suggest customer to returned with express or registered post with tracking number to ensure it is safe.
*All returning shipping cost will be responsibility by buyer at all circumstances.


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