To have the benefits of cosmetic surgery without the risk of cosmetic surgery, just apply few drops of X Beino every day.

X Beino Micro Protein Essence the latest trend of micro cosmetic surgery, the same ingredient used by cosmetic surgeon, as it is categorise as skin care, you only need to apply on skin no need to inject it. it produce bright fare and tender looking skin, the skin care of choice for most famous actress.


Every 10ml of Micro Protein Essence can last for 15 to 20 round.
Each application is equivalent to 100 pieces of mask, it is very effective, try once and you'll be hooked for life.

水光针用一次=你贴100张面膜, 效果超级好的,熙贝诺水光针,让你用一次  便会爱上一辈子。

Six major skin problems

  1. Dry skin
  2. Big ugly pores
  3. Dull and dark
  4. Laxation
  5. Wrinkles
  6. Freckle

11 funtions of X Beino Micro Protein Essence. Antioxidant, brighten skin complexion, lighten dark skin pigmentation(fade melanin),  Shrink pores, anti-wrinkle, Lifting, Firming,  Relieve allergy, Repair the basal cells, Deep cleansing, deeply hydrates (moisturize), smoothen acne scars.

Activates multiple natural pro-youth abilities to replenish skin, only one step to take care of all your skin care needs, suitable to all type of skin, guaranteed to give you a soft, supple, smooth, glowing complexion. Suitable for all gender young and old.

 水光针的11项强大功效:抗氧化、提亮肤色、淡化黑色素、补水保湿、淡化痘印、收缩毛孔、抗皱、提拉紧致、舒缓过敏、修复基底细胞、深层净化。 一步到位,适合所有肤质,保证你的脸通透 白嫩 光滑有弹性。 男女老少都能用!



All natural ingredient, contain no irritating ingredient, non-sensitize, nontoxic, no heavy metal, non allergic, suitable for sensitive skin and pregnant mom.

Ingredient: micro Hyaluronic acid, micro collagen.


Testimonial Before and After  使用前后的见证

Before 使用前

After 使用后

Famous actress use it

More satisfied user

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