Babies love playing water, but the concern is to keep them warm while in water. Swim wrap has been designed for such purpose. 


What is Swim Wrap/Wetsuit?


The swim wrap is made of neoprene, made for warmth & protection in water activities. It functions by trapping a thin layer of water between body & the suit. This thin layer of water is warmed by the body heat, thereby keeping warm while in water. It also provides an extra layer for UV protection.


What is Neoprene?


Neoprene has been widely used in wetsuit production. It is made of small closed cells that are filled with air that provide insulation against cold water. The thicker the neoprene, the warmer the suit will be. Please keep in mind that, neoprene wrap does not keep the baby dry, it keeps warm.


Product specification:


  1. 2.5mm thickness of neoprene
  2. Soft & flexible Spandex binding for better comfort
  3. Bottom opening for easy nappy changing & better wrapping
  4. Velcro is used to wrap & adjust according to the baby size
  5. Size S and M (refer to image below for size measurement) 










How to choose a suitable swim wrap/wetsuit?


It is important to know the water temperature before buying a wrap for your baby. For cold water temperatures, windy, activities with lettle movement or if get cold easily, consider a thicker swim wrap (3.0-3.5mm); For days when water temperature is more friendly, i.e. between 24 - 29 degree Celcius, and the sun is out, all you need for your baby is swim wrap with neoprene thickness of 2.0-2.5mm.


Fitness is also important in choosing swim wrap. If it does not fit properly, it will not be able to keep the baby warm. The wrap must fit tightly to the body in order to keep only a thin layer of water between body and the wrap. If it is too loose, then too much water will flush between the suit & body, thus making it very difficult to keep warm.


How to take care of swim wrap/wetsuit?


  1. A thorough freshwater rinse. Rinse the suit in freshwater as soon as possible as the leftover salt & chlorine will cause neoprene to lose its flexibility & destroy the suit. Do not squeeze the suit.
  2. Soak the suit in clean, warm water for about 15 minutes. Wash it using wetsuit shampoo or baby shampoo
  3. Hang up the wetsuit properly. Use plastic hanger. Never use thin wire hanger as the metal will cause the neoprene to degrade. Do not hang it to dry under the sun as neoprene will crack. 
  4. Inspect for damage. Checks for rips or tears. It is easy to fix when they are small
  5. Store properly. Store the suit flat or hang up. Do not fold it or shover in drawer. The wetsuit will crease & lose some of its insulating effectiveness. 




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