Wireless Bluetooth DOBE Transformers Game Controller Gamepad Joystick

  1. Bluetooth Wireless ;
  2. Game Controller;
  3. Joystick;
  4. For Android/IOS/Windows;
  1. Supports most major games and online games, hundreds of simulator games.
    •Midway Arcade - Warner Bros.
    •PAC-MAN for iPad - Namco Networks America Inc. Games
    •Super Lemonade Factory - Shane Brouwer
    •Blast Ball - UNCADE
    •Gold Runner - YOMEN, Inc.
    •Kung Fu Rabbit - Bulkypix
    •Retro Racing - Mr Qwak Limited
    •Muffin Knight - Angry Mob Games
    •Minotron: 2112 - Llamasoft
    •Velocispider - Retro Dreamer
    •No Gravity - Realtech VR
    •Super Mega Worm - Deceased Pixel LLC
    •Space Inversion - Silverline Arts
    •Sideways Racing - Bjango
    •Emerald Mine - Les Bird
    •Freeesh - Realtech VR
    •Commodore 64 - Manomio LLC
    •The Exterminator - SUMO Productions
    •IronStar Arena - Appracatappra, LLC.
    •Compression HD - Little White Bear Studios, LLC
    •Mos Speedrun - Physmo
    •Warblade HD - Edgar Vigdal
    •Plum Crazy - Claymore Games
    •HungryMaster - xionchannel
    •Cyborg Livestock - PopArcade
    •Space Inversion 2. - Silverline Arts
    •Stardash - OrangePixel
    •Super Drill Panic - OrangePixel
    •GoatUp - Llamasoft
    •Minotaur Rescue - Llamasoft
    •Bob's Action Racing - VariaMedia GmbH
    •Silverfish MAX - Chaotic Box
    •Match Panic - Chaotic Box
    •Retroid - Flat Black Films
    •Box Cat - Rusty Moyher
    •Fruity The Snake HD - 22Moo
    •AirAttack HD - Art In Games
    •Temple Run - Imangi Studios, LLC
    •Haunted Hallway - UNCADE
    •HyperBowl - Technicat, LLC
    •Battlestation - CrushCrumble
    •Jungool - Headsoft
    •Influx - Half Fast Games
  2. Controller has dual analog sticks, directional pad, shoulder buttons, triggers, full-sized grips and illuminated action buttons, plus a built-in rechargeable battery so you'll be ready to play whenever you want!
  3. The gamepad Arm secures your Bluetooth-enabled Android 3.2+ device to the gamepad Controller
  4. Play games on your mobile device or connect to your TV to play in your living room! Requires capable Android device and compatible TV, and may also require additional adapter cable.
  5. Compatible Models Android/ios cell phone and Tablet PC, PC with Bluetooth function .
  6. Supported OS Android / ios / Windows
  7. Connection:Bluetooth V3.0 + HS
  8. Without any complicated setup program,you can play many kinds of big gam


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