Soft & Easy Refastenable Tape, 100% Breathable Cloth Feel Cover, Fast Diffusion Layer, Dry Lock Absorbent Core, Stretchable Waistband, Standing Side Leak Guards, Super Soft Top Sheet

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Fragrance Free - Prevents possibility skin irritation
Seven Wonders:
1. Soft & Easy Refastenable Tape - Able to refasten even comes into contact with powder or cream 
2. 100% Breathable Cloth Feel Cover - Allow better air flow, keeps baby's bottom cool, fresh & comfort 
3. Fast Diffusion Layer (FDL) - Draws & Spreads urine fast and prevents wet back 
4. Dry Lock Absorbent Core - Specially mixed with long fiber pulp and super absorbent polymer that can absorb and lock urine inside diaper core, keeps baby bottom dry and comfortable 
5. Stretchable Waistband - For better and comfortable fit 
6. Standing Side Leak Guards - A barrier to prevent leakage of urine and loose stools 
7. Super Soft Top Sheet - Soft top sheet with its silky-soft texture keeps baby's skin even dryer and comfortable

Other Information

Top Sheet - Non Woven
Absorbent Pad - Tissue, Non Woven, Pulp and Polymer 
Back Sheet - P.E. and Non Woven 
Elastic - Synthetic Rubber 
Construction - Hot Melt 
Tape - Velcro Tape

Product Information

Country of Origin - Malaysia

Preparation and Storage


Please keep in a cool and dry place


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