The WELLAY SKIN LASER is a highly esteemed skin rejuvenation system, using safe and advanced laser technology. The multi-wavelength laser light reaches at different levels of skin layer and especially 830nm laser penetrates deep into skin tissue with least absorption into hemoglobin and or water of skin tissue. The effects of multi-wavelength and coherent laser naturally promotes collagen production, and this leads to reduce fine lines and enchance skin resilience. In a lot of studies, this LLLT has been proven effective in collagen synthesis and skin rejuvenating. There have been more than 2,500 positive scientific studies of LLLT (or Laser PhotoTherapy ) published internationally to date. Compact mobile-phone type, Wellay Skin Laser is designed for ease-of use, while boasting 4 different wavelength skin care - 670nm, 780nm, 830nm and 910nm for perfect coverage of different skin layers. Enjoy the ideal multi-wavelength and coherent laser for skin care in the comfort of your own home


Wavelength of laser -670/780/830/910nm
Operation period per one time- Skin Laser 5minutes
Voltage / Current- 3.7V Li-Polymer battery, 5V DC Adapter / 20mW
Type/Degree of protection against electric shock- Class Ⅱ EQUIPMENT/TYPE B APPLIED PART
Weight for the main body- 110g
Size (Width x Length x Depth)- 48mm x 130mm x 35mm
The Wellay Skin Laser irradiates high-tech, coherent laser lights and stimulates the mitochondria activity in the skin cells to promote the ATP synthesis. As a result of this, it promotes the production of collagen, which is known to be a kind of protein and greatly responsible for skin strength and elasticity, and its degradation leads to wrinkles that accompany aging. Collagen strengthens blood vessels and plays a role in tissue development. The Wellay Skin laser has been developed jointly with the Medical Laser and Device Research Center of Dankuk University in Korea and has proven results of the collagen generation through the experiment.
Wellay Skin Laser, a product from the laser-specializing manufacturer, is installed with highly advanced and best suitable lasers, VCSEL for hand-held devices. VCSEL(Vertical-cavity Surface-emitting Lasers) is perfect for home use devices because of its less power-consuming and light weight(110g), as well as its coherence. 12 pieces of 4 different wavelength lasers of Wellay Skin Laser plays to promotes collagen production, while maintaining the safety, less power-consumption and convenience of long-time use after charge.

Unlike VCSEL, edge-emitting laser(EEL), which is generally used in products of other manufacturers, is heavy, much energy -consuming and takes up big spaces. EEL is less practical to be used in small home use devices. This is why other home-use laser devices can’t afford to install many pieces of EEL.
In general, laser treatment is affected by a lot of variables, such as skin tissue types, skin condition, disease condition, and skin color, etc. These different factors affecting the results of laser therapy may lie in different levels of skin tissue layers and it explains why multi-wavelength really matters. Laser beam has different penetration depth into skin depending on its wavelength. So various wavelength reach at different levels of skin depth, overcome various troubles at each layer and carry out treatment roles. In short, scanning multi-wavelength laser simultaneously is more effective for treatment than scanning a single wavelength laser. When 4 different wavelengths - 670,780,830,910nm of Wellay Skin Laser are scanned on a same area of skin, each wavelength reach at different levels of skin tissue, overcome skin troubles caused by various factors and help to play collagen synthesis, eventually rejuvenate your skin.

The multi-wavelength Wellay Skin Laser in your hand is the most scientific and decent beautifier for your skin.
Most of the optical power of lasers is absorbed into water, hemoglobin, and/or melanin in the skin tissue. In other words, they’re lost before reaching deep into the skin and fail to deliver treatment effect. However 830nm wavelength reaches the most deep into the skin tissue with minimally being absorbed into hemoglobin or moisture of skin. 830nm VCSEL is one of special wavelengths and hasn't been commercialized so far. Wellay Skin Laser, however, applies 830nm laser chips inside and provokes collagen generation in deep skin.
In laser therapy, there're a few important variables to determine its effectiveness such as wavelength, laser power and density. Compared to other Skin Laser devices, Wellay Skin Laser irradiates high-power beams - each 20mW from a package composed of 4 different wavelength laser chips.( Totally, 3 packages with 12 laser chips). Especially, 830nm laser has 12mW for powerful penetration deep into skin tissue.Still, the safety is never compromised when it's within Low Level Laser range.

For eye-safety, Wellay Skin Laser has adopted the distance sensor, which detects the distance between the machine and your face, the laser contact point. The laser beam is on only within approx.10cm from the contact point and automatically turns off when it's out of the range. The smart sensor is designed to protect your eyes from being exposed to laser and guarantees the safety for your eyes.

Suitable for treatment:


Reduces fine wrinkles
Enhances skin resilience, Skin Rejuvenation

Wellay Skin Laser uses the proven technology, LLLT. It doesn't do any harm to apply the device for more than the recommended time. The laser beam is on within approx.10cm from the contact point and automatically turns off when it's out of the range. Always be sure to AVOID the laser on your eye.
Point Reflection
For intensive care on specific area- like acne or fine wrinkle treatment on certain area of your skin, Please place the laser window on the affected area more than 5 minutes at a time and 2 times a day. It's better to use as often as you can.
For acne or pimple, it would take 1~2 weeks (or 3 weeks depending upon the condition) to see the difference when you used 5~7 days a week and For fine wrinkle treatment, 4~6 weeks to see the difference when you used 5~7 days a week.
Scan Reflection
Scan the laser window over your entire face slowly as you evenly massage the affected area.
The multi-wavelength Wellay Skin Laser in your hand is the most scientific and decent beautifier for your skin.
What can we expect from using Wellay Skin Laser?

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