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Products Name : Waterpia Bio Ceramic With Magnetized Water Filtration System (6 Filters)
Products Code : BO1A4
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Service Life

Filter 1 = 1 Year 
CTC-1000 with 10” Ceramic Refill Cartridge
0.3 Micron Filtration. Consist of highly compressed ceramic diatom and stop the propagation of bacteria, germs and viruses. Filter removes and reduces dirt, solids and dangerous bacteria such as typhoid, cholera,
Bilharzia & Amoebas.

Filter 2 = 1 Year 
Korea In-line Pre Carbon Refill Cartridge
-By adsorbing / elimination any remaining chlorine and other organic chemicals from the water.

Filter 3 = 2 Years 
Korea In-line Post Carbon Refill Cartridge
This filter gets rid of unpleasant smell from water and enhance water flavour.

Filter 4 = 5 Years 
Bio Ceramic With Magnetizer
The Bio Energy with spiral Magnetic resonantor utilizes the light energy and electro-magnetic force to break down the groups of water molecules into smaller ones. By this way, it activates the somatic cells and stimulate a absorption and resonance a accelerate the metabolic rate of human body.

Filter 5 = Permanent
Korea In-line Mineral Stone + Alkaline Refill Cartridge
Mineral Stone from the bottom of the unpolluted sea of the Korea Island contain trace mineral that are essential for human body. Alkaline ball adjust the pH of water to mild Alkaline and help balance the pH in human body.

Filter 6 = 2 Years 
Korea In-line UF Membrane Refill Cartridge
-Polypropylene Trilaminate Filtration Media. Excellent for liquid and gas filtration. It is a trilaminate composite that incorporates spunbond outer layers sandwiching an inner layer of meltblown micro fibers. The outer layers provide strength and stability, while the inner layer gives UF its exceptional filtering properties. Composed of polypropylene, UF outer layers provide good edge stability with minimal tendency to fray or unravel after slitting or die cutting, and its multi-layer construction gives UF excellent uniformity

Warranty : 1 Year

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H/P No. : 012-5066283 (Simon Teng)

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