Proudly presents to you another quality invention from VWA® - VWA® Spa Filter ®.  It is a must-to-have in every shower room.  You can now enjoy spa shower at home and need not to worry about the hazardous Chlorine and its chemicals.   VWA® Spa Filter ® is your best shower companion anytime and anywhere.  It is easy fit to any standard shower fixture and it is designed to last for 40,000 litre of shower at any shower temperatures.


Pamper your skin and protect your health with VWA® Spa Filter ®. “A Home is Incomplete Without VWA”.

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隆重为您介绍另一个VWA® 的品质发明 - VWA® Spa Filter ®, 绝对是每个浴室的必备品。现在您可以在家里享受温泉沐浴而不必担心有害化学物质及氯害被皮肤吸入。VWA® Spa Filter ®是您随时随地的沐浴良伴。容易安装及适合安置在任何沐浴家具。具有40,000 公升长效的过滤能力并可以使用在任何温度的沐浴水里。


使用VWA® Spa Filter ® 呵护您的肌肤也保障您的健康。“有了VWA®,家才完整”!


更多详情请游览  ,询问1300 222 123

Product Details

VWA® Spa Filter ® uses the patented and high purity copper-zinc KDF55 that meets EPA and FDA standards for powerful removal of chlorine and heavy metals.


High quality Calcium Sulfite (CaSo3) is used for its’ 100 times’ more chlorine reduction than activated carbon particularly for hot shower.

FIR Ceramic Balls is used to give the spa effects, making the skin more supple and smooth.

  • Easy fit to any standard shower fixture
  • Long filtration capacity: 40,000 liters
  • Effective at higher water temperatures



  1. Remove the existing shower head from the shower arm.
  2. Attach the VWA® Spa Filter ® by hand tightening to shower arm or adaptor.


T & C

Delivery will take 2-3 working days to proceed after purchased.

Customer will need to bear the re-delivery of any returned parcel.

Customer must inspect product immediately upon arrival to ensure item is good in condition.


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