Vken Ultimate Energy products help soothe, relieve, repair, remove, rejuvenate, restore and detox by improving the microcirculation of blood in our body. These bring more oxygen and nutrients to damaged or 'starved' tissue of unhealthy cells. Healing and restoration are made possible effectively and naturally through the far infrared rays(FIR) and the negative ions found in the Vken products.

Vken products, for a better health.
Through Far Infrared Rays(FIR) and negative ions.
Proven effective. Affordable.
Natural, Drug-free, No Side Effects, Non-intrusive.
compared to Chemicals, Drugs, Adverse side effects & Surgery
Unhealthy live blood condition of elderly or
sick person BEFORE using Vken product.
Red blood cells are clustered with food and
cholesterol deposits in between.
Improved live blood condition AFTER 10 minutes
of use of Vken Ultimate Energy product.
Red blood cells are separated,
energised to transport more oxygen and
nutrients to all the cells and tissues of our body.
Food residue and cholesterol are removed or dissolved.
Microcirculation dysfunction or
disruption may lead to various
serious diseases or illnesses which the
Vken Ultimate Energy products can
soothe, relieve, repair, remove, rejuvenate, restore and detox.
Vken Ultimate Energy products contain
1. Far infrared rays(FIR)
                 2. Nano Tourmaline negative ions
                 3. Nano Titanium negative ions
                 4. Nano Germanium negative ions and
                 5. Nano Silver negative ions
Vken Ultimate Energy products are knitted with modern and up-to-date technology in a 3-dimension high definition technique which clinched two awards in 2005 and 2010 at international shows in Taipei, Taiwan.
The unique and highly functional 3-Dimension knitting makes them very comfortable and yet functional in improving microcirculation and in restoring health. The high definition 3-Dimension knitting technique has since been patented. Materials of the Vken products are 85% polyester and 15% lycra.


More testimonies of friends and relatives who have benefited from Vken

Testimony 7:
            A 67 year old lady had difficulty in walking due to her weak legs. After using the Vken
            Ultimate Energy socks for just about 4 days, she can now walk without difficulty.
            Thank you very much Vken.
   Testimony 8:
            A diabetic patient benefited from the Vken Ultimate Energy socks with
            Far Infrared Rays (FIR) and negative ions.
            A 60+ year old man had a stroke about 3 months ago.(March 2012)
            The next day he made his way to the office, walking unsteadily
                  and with much difficulty going up the 2 flight of stairs.

             He then started to wear the Vken socks.
             Within 2 weeks, he is off the high blood and diabetic medicine.
             Now, his blood condition has improved to almost 80% perfect.
             Can walk steadily and much more .
            'Terima kasih' to the Vken socks for being effective, yet affordable.


Using Vken Ultimate Energy products is
natural, convenient, affordable and long-lasting.
Wearing a Vken product is more than reflexology for ....
High blood pressure/ High cholesterol
Shoulder ache
Backache / Nerve
Hip arthritis
Knee pain / Weak knee
Slipped disc
Varicose veins
Deep vein thrombosis (DVT)
Gout / Spurs
Migraine / Stress
Insomnia / Difficult to sleep
Tiredness / Fatigue
Smoking / Toxic


T & C


  1. Items that are terribly damage or massively stained.
  2. Items that are with prominent and obvious quality problems.
  3. Wrong items from what you have ordered.


  1. Minor loose threads, irregular fold or wrinkle produced by crumpling, color differs slightly from the pictures shown online.
  2. Item design is slightly different from the picture displayed (e.g. button, pocket, or tag)
  3. Transparent slightly or bad odor.
  4. Size measurement differs about 1-3cm only.
  5. Customers who did not inform us and return the product directly will be rejected.
  6. Sold out items are not available for exchange.
  7. Return cost fully borne by buyer.


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