Vivo 3+ Organic Oatmilk  Vivo3+有机燕麦奶

Rich in OPC, Isoflavones, HGH.

Suitable for all age group. Not suitable for pregnant women and baby under 12 months. 适合所有年龄阶层。不适合怀孕妇女及十二个月以下的婴儿。

Vivo 3+ Organic Oatmilk  effectively activates your cell growth, strengthen bone structure and promote healthier skin. Besides organic oat from USA and Australia, it is enriched with OPC (Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins) extracted from blueberries. OPC acts as a strong antioxidant, protects collagen against free radical damage, keeping your skin firm and youthful always. Isoflavones from soy help to protect your heart function by reduce LDL and cholesterol level. Besides, soy isoflavones improve the calcium absorption of bones and ease the symptoms during menopause. Futhermore, Vivo 3+ Organic Oatmilk is fortified with protein based HGH ( protein based peptide hormone) which helps to stimulate human body cell growth, rejuvenation and regenaration.

Vivo3+有机燕麦奶有效增强骨质,促进细胞生长,并更完善地提供美肤美容功效。除了来自美国和澳大利亚的有机燕麦,它富含来自蓝莓萃取的原花青素。原花青素具有超强抗氧化功能,可清除体内自由基,守住胶原蛋白,保持肌肤紧致及延缓老化。黄豆异黄酮能降低低密度脂蛋白及胆固醇,有助于保护心脏功能。此外,异黄酮促进骨骼钙质吸收,并减少更年期所导致的症状。Vivo3+ 有机燕麦奶也添加了大豆促生长因子,可进一步促进细胞生长,更新和再生。


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