Q: Why Verteam Nano Totale liquid foundation vial? Why not a big bottle of it?

A: Because we Totale Foundation medical cosmetic level, the use of safe bottled more health, safety, easy to absorb. I, for example, you used half of the cushion, the powder puff and take it to detect the absolute exceeded a hundred times! ! Every day complaining about clogged pores children in this issue, in fact, the skin is very good.


Q: Why Verteam Nano Totale liquid foundation rm150 , expensive?
A: Verteam Nano Totale liquid foundation raw materials from China, Japan and South Korea jointly developed production process is very stringent, need to make the instrument must be the world's finest. Before injectable Totale Foundation in micro whole session has been very popular, entertainment all artists must do a product. Average each injection ranging from 8,000 to 100,000, each injection must go to South Korea, the latter was introduced in the country. And long-lasting effect only 15 days to 40 days.


Q: this is Totale rub sunscreen before or after?
A: Please scribble before sunscreen product, so that the skin to better absorb the sun is actually a thick layer of dust, the pores will block absorption.


Q: How long with a box of Verteam Nano Totale liquid foundation?

A: When the liquid foundation every day, then you can use a month, sooner or later, when the emulsion can be used for 15 days, if the body painting, then a box with one or two times.

Q: Verteam Nano Totale liquid foundation have to try it?

A: Sorry to that, that was no sample for try.


Q: Is that whitening products?

A: Operators whitening skin care products that improve skin whitening by nano-peptides, pregnant women can be use

Product Details

FOC : Cleasing Powder ( first come first serve)

  • 重量/ Weight : 5ml/btl x 5 btl/bx
  • 处理单子时间/ Process Order : 3 ~ 5 days
  • 货品收到/ Delivery Time : 根据地区/according to area


What is the foundation Totale
I explained to you
Totale skincare foundation in fact, it is a whitening essence directly into our underlying skin! ️ let skin every day looks like a smear as BB Cream
️ It is not cosmetic foundation is not! So do not worry about plugging the pores! Whole plant formula!
And the more you use, the better the skin coated Totale Foundation as if coated with a layer of BB cream face but it is entirely in our skin in the presentation of the translucent-white Oh! Unloading unloading also can not afford to rest assured! But we need to continue to use skin care products will achieve more good results

And my family Totale Foundation spent cartridge capable of withstanding the 1-2 semi-permanent 1-3 months to complete it! ️! ️ import finished, finally do make-up every day (introducing a hold time is 15 days to 20 days), the absorption of personal


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