Vapour Rub




Tradionally, used for relief of nasal congestion. Muscular pain, Joint Pain, Sprains, Insect Bites


Rub a little to the nose, 3 or 4 times a day. Or put a little in a container of hot wa&# 16er and inhale the vapour. This is a traditional medicine. If symptoms persists, please consult doctor. For external use only.



å…⊃3;节折伤,消炎退肿,头晕肚痛,蚊虫咬伤,&&# 01acute;£Žæ⊃1;¿ç–¼ç—›ï¼Œç­‹è‚Œç—›

product-1443238678961 Nutmeg Ointment 荳 05t with moist hot towel for 3 minutes. Removethe towel and massage the affected muscles you will feel much relieved.

  • Headache, Giddiness and Travel Sickness - Apply the Nutmeg Ointment on the temples, behind the ears and around the nose. You will immediately be relieved of your sufferings and feel relieved and comfortable.
  • Stomachache and Gastritis - Apply the Nutmeg Ointment on the affected area, the ach will cease an #100 gases expelled.
  • Insect bites and Hong Kong Foot - Apply the Nutmeg Ointment lightly on affect area. It will immediately ease pains and itches.




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