V-II, the best female life good helper!

Women of new era generation, they have to face of socioeconomic problem and family pressures, the most sad problem is physiological problem. From the stage of teenage period, adulthood, middle age to old age, women must face all sorts of different physiological changes according to hormone imbalance greatly which affect menstrual problems, such as fertility, dry skin, face bleak, frigidity, breast sagging, premature aging and so on.


卵巢有活力,女人有魅力! V-II绝对是女性一生中最佳的好帮手!



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V-II - Solve the problem of women’s physiology

Girl 12-20 years old: 
- Menstrual pain
- Unstable menstrual period
- Too much or too little blood
- Look Dull and Pale


Adulthood 21-35 years old:
- Vaginal irritation
- Endocrine disorders
- Loss of pregnancy
- Anemia
- Dizziness, headache
- Less of Blood
- Leukorrhagia
- Anxiety, worry


Middle age 36-50 years old:
- Uterine cancer, breast cancer
- Pigmentation, dark complexion
- Vaginal dryness
- Sagging breasts
- Wrinkles, dry skin
- Various women’s diseases
- Vaginal relaxation

50 years old & above:
- Menopause symptoms syndrome group
- Insomnia
- Aging fatigue
- Heart disease
- Incontinence
- Osteoporosis


V-II - 新女性的补品
V-II - 有效地帮助解决女性的生理问题 :

少女期 12-20岁

- 经痛
- 经期不准
- 经血过多或过少
- 脸色苍白

成年期 21-35岁
- 阴道发炎
- 内分泌失调
- 失孕
- 贫血
- 头晕,头痛
- 气血虚弱
- 白带过多
- 焦虑,忧虑

中年期 36-50岁
- 子宫癌,乳癌
- 色斑,肤色暗淡
- 阴道干燥
- 乳房下垂
- 皱纹,皮肤干燥
- 各种妇女疾病
- 阴道松弛


老年期 >50岁:
- 更年期候群症
- 失眠
- 衰老 疲劳
- 心脏病
- 尿失禁
- 骨骼疏松症

- Enough blood for menstrual regulation, female beauty stay tune
- Menstrual pain lesser, lesser vaginal discharge, not easy to feel cold
- Improve frigidity
- Eliminate odours uterus
- Cervical Cancer Prevention
- Bust firming
- Improve sleep, pigmentation
- Delay menopause
- Endocrine conditioning
- Conditioning postpartum uterine prolapse

- 活血调经、瘀血腹痛
- 改善经痛、白带
- 预防子宫癌
- 坚定阴道壁 、促进阴道紧实
- 促进夫妻生活更美满
- 消除阴道分泌物的异味
- 增强女性性欲、改善性冷感
- 散发女性魅力
- 促进胸部结实

- Take 1-2 sachet before breakfast per day
Direction 1 : Pour 1 sachet into the mouth directly and drink a glass of water/ fruit juice
Direction 2 : Pour 1-2 into a glass of water and drink









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