Directions for Weekly Protein Removal with Oxysept Disinfecting Solution. 

1. Always wash and dry your hands thoroughly before handling lenses. 
2. Place the lenses in the lens basket. Fill lens case to the fill in with OxySept disinfecting solution, add one Oxysept Neutralizing tablet and one Ultrazyme tablet simultaneously. 
3. Thighten the cap.
5. When you are ready to wear the lenses, remove the lenses from the basket. Rinse thoroughly with sterile saline solution and place lens on your eye. 
6. Rinse the entire lens case assembly thoroughly with saline. Allow it to dry. 

Directions for use with other 3% Hydrogen Peroxide Systems. Follow the directions for your particular disinfecting system. Use your lens case and 3% hydrogen peroxide disinfecting solution. 
1. Place one Ultrazyme Protein Remover Tablet in your 3% hydrogen peroxide disinfecting solution. 
2. Allow lenses to soak as usual in your disinfecting solution. however, if your disinfecting solution calls for a disinfection soak time less than 15 minutes, increase the soak time to a minimum of 15 minutes when using Ultrazyme. Increasing the soak time up to a maximum of overnight will allow for increased protein removal. Consult your eye care practitioner to determine the best soak time for you, as individuals vary in the amount of protein they deposit. 
3. Follow the neutralization instructions for your particular system. 
4. After your lenses have been enzymatically cleaned/disinfected and neutralized, they must be gently rubbed and rinsed with a sterile saline solution. 
NOTE: The Ultrazyme protein remover solution should never come in direct contact with the eyes. Always neutralize your lenses as indicated prior to placing on the eyes.


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