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UG HAIR CARE - Hair Tonic is an intensive hair tonic formulated by natural herbal extrations without added preservative and artificial coloring. UG Hair Tonic is used to instantly control hair fall, effectively prevent hair loss, maintain hair density, giving a healthy appearance with more natural, black and shiny look on hair. With unique pleasant, refreshing fragrance, it enhances users' experience in everyday spray.

UG HAIR CARE 的优质植物能量生发精华源自多种植物精华萃取成份配制而成,能快速并有效地为现代都市人解决烦人的头皮及脱发问题。

采用传统的高疗效植物与现代先进的高科技浓缩技术结合,保留了植物内的最高效活性成份,配制出这瓶珍贵的 “优质植物能量生发精华” 有效的控制脱发、刺激秀发再生、保持秀发乌黑亮丽、让人重获自信。



Main Ingredients 草本萃取精华  Function / 功效
Thuja Occidentalis Leaf Extract 侧柏叶萃取精华                Stimulate hair growth 刺激秀发生长
Angelica Sinensis Extract             当归萃取精华 Improve blood circulation 促进血液循环
Polygonum Multiflorum Extract 首乌萃取精华 Induces hair growth, turn grey hair to healthy black hair 保持秀发乌黑亮丽
Morus Alba Fruit Extract 桑椹子萃取精华 Get rid of worms & antioxidant 祛蠕虫和抗氧化
Chenopodium Ambrosioides Leaf Extract                                            荆芥萃取精华 Relieve minor skin irritation 舒缓轻微皮肤痕痒                                                     
Ligusticum Chuan Xiong Extract 川芎萃取精华 Improve blood circulation 促进血液循环


How To Use?

Apply 2 times daily, spray onto clean & dry scalp, massage gently fo better absorption. Comb and styles as usual.

每日两次,将Hair Tonic 喷在干净的头皮并轻轻按摩促进成分有效地被吸收,之后就能进行一般的梳理及造型。



Product Details

主要成份 Main Ingredients: 


Thuja Occidentalis Leaf 侧柏叶

Remove heat from the blood


Angelica Sinensis Leaf 当归

Improve blood circulation volume


Polygonum Multiflorum Root Extract 何首乌

Induces hair growth, turning grey hair to healthy black hair


Chenopodium Ambrosioides Leaf Extract 荆芥

Relieve minor skin irritation














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