Model                                     : GB 1000 NEW

                                               *With Inner UF Membrane Filter

Max. Flow Rate                      : 2,500 liters / hour

Filtration Rate                         : 0.01 micron

Turbidity                                 : < 0.1 NTU

Inflow Pressure                      : 0.1 - 0.3 Mpa

Measurement of Connection  : G 3/4

Measurement                          : 1028(W) x 188(D) x 190(H) mm


Measurement On Packaging   : 1060(W) x 220(D) x 220(H) mm

Gross Weight                           : 35 kg

Net Weight                               : 40 kg

Filter Material                           : Food Grade Super Membrane

No. Of Hollow Fiber                  : 2000pcs

Membrane Material                  : PAN (Hollow Fiber Membrane)

External Casing Material          : 100% SUS304 Stainless Steel 

                                                    * 1.0mm Thickness

Warranty On Casing                 : 10 years

Installation Fees                       : FOC (only valid in klang valley)

Life Span (filter Media)             : 3 years

                                                   *(subject to feed water quality, water usage and handling)




Product Details

Function for UF Membrane Stainless Steel Outdoor Filter :-

1. Preserves Mineral

    All the goodness of fresh drinling water to rejuvenate keeps you refreshed.

2. 99.99% Bacteria / Virus Free

    Enjoy a nice healthy drink of revitalizing clean water that's absolutely Germ free

3. Turbidity 0.1NTU

    Membrane Pore Size of 0.01 Micron, to prevent penetration of harmful particles.

4. Stainless Steel Casing

    Anti rust stainless steel casing prevents unhealthy storage conditions. To give you good, healthy tasting water.

Miharu Ultra Filtration membrane cartidges operate from the inside to the outside during filtration. This means that process fluids (retentate) flows through the center of the hollow fiber and permeate passes through the fiber wall to the outside of the membrane fiber. tangential flow can help limit membrane fouling. Other operating techniques that can be employed with hollow fiber ultra filtration membrane systems include back flushing with permeate and retentate reverse flow.

Before Filtration

- Bacteria    : 0.22 - 4.00 micron

- Virus         : 0.02 - 0.35 micron

- Sediment  : 200 - 10000 micron

- Rust         : 10 - 100 micron

- Chemical  : 0.02 - 0.9 micron

- Organic matters & Decay : 0.03 -3 micron

After Filtration

- 0.01 micron

- Clean & Safe water




T & C

Terms & Conditions

  1. Any changes to the shipping and billing address are not possible once order has been received.
  2. FREE Installation in Klang Valley.
  3. Delivery to West or East Malaysia will be charged RM 100.
  4. If you need assistance in installation, you can direct call us & we will arrange technician to install for you.
  5. Good sold are not returnable or refundable unless you have received an incorrect iteam(s).If the item(s) is has a defect, customer can look for exchange with 3 days from the date of received with us by email or telephone. Any late response will not be entertained. Please provide photo and describe the damage and email to All delivery cost (from and to) will be borne by customer.



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