Product details of Tupperware Twinkle Totz Set of 3 - Baby Easy Grip Bowl, Snack Cup and Tupperware Training Cup

This is a set of Tupperware Twinkle Totz Set, that come with a set of Tupperware Training Cup 350ml, 1 set of Tupperware Snack Cup 150ml and 1 set of Tupperware Easy Grip Bowl 240ml and a set of Hang on spoon. 

All Tupperware products are BPA free, toxic free and made of food grade materials. Besides, all tupperware products are covered under Tupperware lifetime warranty. If your tupperware products encountered cracking, skin peel off, warping or leaking, you can replace it for free in any tupperware center in Malaysia 

Please note that impact damage, discoloration, pest bite, melting or cut is not under Tupperware lifetime warranty, as these damages is caused by external factors, not the quality problems of the Tupperware products itself.

Tupperware training cup, is use to put in the milk, and train the baby from stop using the milk bottle , and start using drinking milk with cup. The training cup opening able to be adjusted, to control the water flow out from the cup, so you can adjust the opening to let the water flow out slowly, so baby can learn how to drink with cup, without wet his / her clothes.

The training cup body size and handle is special design to fit baby small hand, so baby can grip the training cup easily without any problems. Baby more than 1 years old shall be trained to use cup to drink milk instead of drink milk continuously using milk bottle, as drink milk with milk bottle for long term will cause the mouth shape not looking good.

Tupperware Snack Cups, use to keep kids snacks. It is coming with an attach seal, so kids won't lose the seal easily.  Kids shall be trained to open the seal by themselves, and closed the seal by itself to train baby hand flexibility. Baby can learn to master the writing skills easily when he is in school later on. 

You can use it to keep snacks for your kids such as cereal, cookies, coco crunch, chocolates, etc.

The Easy Grip bowl 240ml, is attach with a tab, for easy gripping while feed your baby porridge or baby foods. The bowl designed to be taken food easily with the Hang on Spoon, with no leftover food in the bowl. The Hang on spoon designed to be able to rest on the bowl edge while not using. 

Besides, the hang on spoon do not have sharp edge, and the spoon size designed to fit baby mouth and the handle designed to be fit baby hand. Baby can learn how to feed themselves with the hang on spoon without harming themselves :)  


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