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Eliminate the clutter and waste of freezer bags. The modular, stackable design of Freezer Mate makes organizing any freezer easier, saves freezer space and extends the life of foods, saving you on your grocery bill, too.  

Each container’s rounded corners and recessed bottom allows maximum airflow for faster, more efficient freezing and thawing. And the flexible containers and seals ensure easy removal of frozen foods, such as seafood, meat, etc. 


Why FreezerMate?

  • Clear windows allow for fast identification.
  • Flexible seal with tab for easy removal.
  • Specially designed base prevents slipping.
  • Rounded corners and recessed bottoms allow cold air circulation around stackable containers, for fast freezing.
  • Level indicators allow room for expansion as food with liquid freezes.


Ideal for freezing
  • A variety of different sizes ensure food is frozen correctly in the portions needed.
  • Flexible seal with tab for easy removal.
  • Clear Window allow fast and easy identification.
  • Filling up to the indicated fill line, allows sufficient room for expansion as food freezes.

Product Details

Tupperware My First FreezerMate Set

  • 1pc x FreezerMate Small I (1) 250ml
  • 1pc x FreezerMate Small II (1) 650ml
  • 1pc x FreezerMate Small III (1) 1.0L
  • 2pc x FreezerMate Junior II (2) 290ml

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