Moisturizes, softens, smoothes and rejuvenates the skin.
Suitable for all skin types
5ml / 6 bottles

5 ml / 6 支装

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Extract of a rare species in the Chinese pharmacopoeia, “Tianshan Snow Lotus” (Saussurea involucrata) stem cells is used as the iFS patent yeast cultural medium. The R&D team has successfully cultured 18 kinds of Growth Factors “StemNu-18” with the patented technology from the iFS yeast which helps to rejuvenate aging skins.
18 types of Growth Factors are implanted in the liposomes using nanotechnology. There are more than 3 million liposomes in each milliliter of StemNu-18 and will penetrate into dermis within 15 minutes upon applying onto skin to activate stem cell rejuvenating and stimulate collagen production. It shows visible results in just 3 days, activates stem cell in just 7 days.



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