Pure Hydrolyzed Collagen which has younger looking, firmer, smoother, softer & with a healthier glow. Added with VITAMIN E to protect skin cells from free radical damage.

純正的水解膠原蛋白細小的分子能迅速滲入肌膚細胞青春、緊緻、柔嫩和健康的亮澤優質的維生素C,有助膠原蛋白的構成維生素E則保護皮膚的細胞壁,免受自由基的破壞Suitable for Men & Women 

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With no added preservatives or chemicals, Total Image Collagen Plus is fortified with Vitamin C & E and can be taken on a long-term basis to provide the support your skin needs to:

  • Firm up and retain its youthful resilience
  • Reduce wrinkles and fine lines
  • Reduce saggy skin
  • Reduce dark eye bags
  • Moisturize for suppler skin
  • Lighten skin for fairer, radiant complexion
  • Smoothen and improve skin texture
  • Improve Collagen production with Vitamin C
  • Protect skin cells from free radical damage with Vitamin E


Collagen 900mg, Vitamin C 50mg, Vitamin E 50mg.

Made from Pure Hydrolyzed Collagen that allows faster penetration into skin cells for optimum & visible results, usually within 2 months of continuous use.

-High Grade Vitamin C assists in the formation of Collagen.

-Vitamin E protects skin cell walls against harmful oxidative damage by free radicals which damages Collagen and fastens aging.

Usage Directions

Take two tablets daily before breakfast. For optimal results: Best taken before meals and drink at least 8 glasses of water daily.



Total Image Collagen Plus無添加防腐劑或化學物,采用附加維生素C和維生素E的強化版配方,獲認證為可安全長期服用以達至理想的美膚需求。

  • 緊緻並維持青春肌膚之彈性
  • 減少皺紋和細紋
  • 減緩肌膚下垂
  • 淡化黑眼圈和眼袋
  • 滋潤水嫩肌膚
  • 使膚色均勻,容光煥發
  • 提升膚質和柔嫩度
  • 以維生素C增加膠原蛋白之製造
  • 維生素E有效保護皮膚細胞,抵抗自由基


膠原蛋白900mg,維生素C  50mg,維生素 E  50mg








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