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---------------------------------------------------------- Flash Deal of the week ----------------------------------------------------------
Kelvin Gems Premium Multiway
Secret Trilogy Pendant Necklace
- Free Shipping
RCP: RM 424.00
FLASH Price RM 300.00
Kelvin Gems
Casablanca Bracelet
RCP: RM 399.00
FLASH Price RM 299.00
Morgan Cat-Eye
Dark Pink Sunglasses
MOG207501 6908
RCP: RM 659.00
FLASH Price RM 199.00
Multi Functional
Handheld Cyclone
Vacuum Cleaner
RCP: RM 499.90
FLASH Price RM 169.00
---------------------------------------------------------- More Flash Deals ----------------------------------------------------------
Alpha Living
16 Cubes
Wardrobe Cabinet
RCP: RM 700.00
FLASH Price RM 168.00
[5 Packs Bundle] PappaRich
Stevia White Coffee
30g X 12s - FREE SHIPPING!
RCP: RM 84.50
FLASH Price RM 67.60
[5 Packs Bundle] Papparich
White Coffee 2in1
25g X 12s - Free Shipping!
RCP: RM 74.50
FLASH Price RM 59.60
Women Casual Canvas
Shoulder Backpack
Free Shipping!
RCP: RM 89.90
FLASH Price RM 39.90
Kelvin Gems Glam Round Tennis
Elements - Free Shipping
RCP: RM 320.00
FLASH Price RM 100.00
[5 Packs Bundle] Papparich
White Coffee 3in1
40g X 12s - Free Shipping!
RCP: RM 74.50
FLASH Price RM 59.60
Premium Past Present Future
Pendant Necklace
with Free Shipping
RCP: RM 348.00
FLASH Price RM 100.00
Tritan Fruit Infuser
Water Bottle Lemon Infusion
Water Bottle Detox
RCP: RM 68.00
FLASH Price RM 19.90
Classic Only You
Fresh Water Pearl Gift Set
Free Shipping
RCP: RM 366.00
FLASH Price RM 200.00
Vivere Rosse
Luminous Pearl Drop Earrings
Rose Gold
RCP: RM 199.00
FLASH Price RM 79.90
Warm Quilt
Queen Size

RCP: RM 129.00
FLASH Price RM 65.90
Tatami Sofa
Large Size

RCP: RM 129.00
FLASH Price RM 69.90
Miacare Confidence Monthly
Silicon Hydrogel Color Lens
2 Lenses/Box - Free Shipping
RCP: RM 90.00
FLASH Price RM 65.00
Multipurpose Stretching Board
Free shipping
RCP: RM 250.00
FLASH Price RM 151.20
NUK Vapo - Matic Electric Steam
Sterilizer (0 To 36 Months) w/
2 Baby Blue PP Bottles
RCP: RM 395.00
FLASH Price RM 295.00
3PIN Electricity Saving Box Power Energy Saver Up To 50%
with Free Shipping
RCP: RM 99.90
FLASH Price RM 22.90
Color Contact Lens
(Buy 1 FREE 1 )
RCP: RM 85.00
FLASH Price RM 70.00
Fantasy School Life Backpack Series
Sakura Momoko &
Marine Journey Prints
RCP: RM 129.00
FLASH Price RM 29.90
NUK Double Duo Packs
150ml & 300ml
PP Bottles With Silicone Teats
Size 1M (0 To 6 Months)
RCP: RM 142.80
FLASH Price RM 133.50
Fashionable Trunks
For Men

RCP: RM 28.00
FLASH Price RM 10.00
FREE Stainless Steel Jug Kettle
Ships free to Peninsula

RCP: RM 999.00
FLASH Price RM 699.00
Premium Multiway Teardrop
Pendant Necklace
Free Shipping

RCP: RM 428.00
FLASH Price RM 299.00
Freshkon Alluring Eyes
Monthly Color Lens
(Buy 3 Boxes FREE 1 BOX
RCP: RM 70.00
FLASH Price RM 46.66
GWS 060
Professional Angle Grinder

RCP: RM 135.00
FLASH Price RM 98.00

RCP: RM 99.90 Before: RM 89.90
FLASH Price RM 49.90
2016 New Design Mop
Twist Mop Rotary Mop

RCP: RM 69.00
FLASH Price RM 24.90
Naturally dried lavender bunch
Ships free Peninsula

RCP: RM 45.00
FLASH Price RM 39.00
Handmade Lavender Glass Globe
Pendant Necklace + Earrings
Free Shipping Peninsula
RCP: RM 45.00
FLASH Price RM 39.00
Air Optix Aqua
Monthly Contact Lens

RCP: RM 81.93
FLASH Price RM 40.80
Lacelle Jewel
Monthly Color Lens

RCP: RM 73.00
FLASH Price RM 38.00
Cane's Super Saver Set
Choose any 4 Boxes Cane's
for RM50
RCP: RM 67.60
FLASH Price RM 50.00
Omron Digital
Body Weighing Scale HN289

RCP: RM 169.00
FLASH Price RM 89.00
GoodMorning V Plus

RCP: RM 89.00
FLASH Price RM 70.00
Smart Frog
Portable USB Mini Humidifier

RCP: RM 99.00 Before: RM 79.00
FLASH Price RM 49.00
Jabra Corded Stereo
Sports Headset

RCP: RM 229.00
FLASH Price RM 69.00
2015 Japan New Style
Automatic Vacuum Clean Robot
Free 30pcs Cleaning Sponge
RCP: RM 150.00 Before: RM 73.00
FLASH Price RM 55.00
High Quality Leather Belt
for Business Man
Raya Deal Murah
RCP: RM 69.99
FLASH Price RM 17.99
IBattery Digital Mini Leather
Wallet Power Bank
20000mAh 3 USB Output
RCP: RM 99.00 Before: RM 49.00
FLASH Price RM 39.90
Mobile Phone Holder
Multifunction Car Suction Bracket
RCP: RM 18.90
FLASH Price RM 10.00
A4TECH Special Promo
Gaming Keyboard Multimedia
V-Track Mouse & Headset
RCP: RM 185.00
FLASH Price RM 127.00
Daisu 3in1 360° Hand Sweeper
Rotation Hand Sweeper
Broom Dustpan
RCP: RM 99.0 Before: RM 69.00
FLASH Price RM 36.90
LY Casual Female
Tote Bag

RCP: RM 49.00 Before: RM 35.00
FLASH Price RM 29.00
Safe Charge High Speed Data
Apple Lightning / Micro USB Cable
RCP: RM 59.90 Before: RM 13.90
FLASH Price RM 12.90
Vivere Rosse
Let It Snow
Stud Earrings
RCP: RM 199.90 Before: RM 59.00
FLASH Price RM 49.90

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