Tongkat Ali, also known as Malaysian ginseng and scientifically named as Eurycoma longifolia Jack.

It commonly grown on the wet sandy soil in the virgin rainforest of Southeast Asia near the equator. 

It is named as "herb with therapuetic effects for thousand diseases” and shares equal popularity with bird's nest and pewter art as one of “the three treasures of Malaysia”.

MALAYSIA WILD TONGKAT ALI is the best choice of 100% natural male health supplement used as aphrodisiac as well as natural energizer against fatigue. It is packed with slices of wild Tongkat Ali root aged more than 50 years grown in Malaysia.

The story of Tongkat Ali The Malay Anti-British hero Mat Kilau died at the age of 124 years is said to be related to his age-long habit of frequent intake of Tongkat Ali decoction. In the 19th century, during the war against the British colonial army, he led guerrilla forces throughout the years in the mountain forest and make use of tongkat ali to improve the fighting spirit of his soldiers. The longevity of Mat Kilau is generally considered to be gifted by tongkat Ali. And it is no wonder tongkat ali is recognized as national treasure of traditional herbal medicine by the Malay people and is as well accredited by the local Chinese as ethnic Chinese Medicinal and Edible classified as tonic for its effectivenesses, including strengthening the immune system, releasing heat and dampness, promote fertility,etc. It also acclaimed to improve renal function, relieve prostate disease, gout, fever, etc.

Tongkat Ali is widely circulated as an outstanding traditional medicinal for generations and believed to own the following effects:

1. Promotes blood circulation and metabolism. Based on this basis, it helps to better human endocrine system & immune function to slow down skin aging process. It is also used for anti-viral, anti-cancer and anti-HIV therapy herbal supplements.

2. Boosting human muscle growth, maintain a energetic wellbeing to combat low mood and depression and relieve symptoms of mood disorders.

3. Traditionally used for remission of diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, high blood sugar, gout and rheumatism and other metabolic diseases.

4. Increase testosterone secretion by up to 4.4 times in the blood. It hence directly helps to solve various problems of male reproductive dysfunction, especially beneficial to the elderly in nourishing the reproductive system in term of betterments of sperm production and quality.

5. Improves cognitive ability and reduces the risk of heart disease, myocardial infarction, and dementia, anti-ulcer, antipyretic, anti-allergic, tuberculosis, anti-malaria and jaundice.

6. Accelerates postpartum body recovery.

7. Beneficial to those who need prolonged reading, driving, or those who need to work overnight.

The following approaches in boiling soup with Tongkat Ali slice are believed to be remedial to various human disorders:-

a. Better health : 2-10 grams per day, or 3-4 times weekly 20-30 grams. 10-20 days.

b. Lose weight : 10 grams a day for 1-2 months.

c.Enhance reproductive function : 10-20 grams per day.
1) 25-35 years old about 15 days.
2) 36-45 years old, about 25 days.
2) 46-55 years old for about 40 days.
3) 56-60 years old about 50 days.

d. Prostatitis : 10-20 grams per day.

(Duration of consumptions)

(1) about 25 days for mild patients 

(2) about 40 days for moderate patients

(3) about 50 days for severe patients.

e. Gout / rheumatism : 10-20 grams per day. 

With Gout for...

  • 5 years or less : Consume for up to a month. 
  • More than 5 years : Consume for up to 3 months.
  • With rheumatoid : Consume for up to 3 months.

f. Diabetes : 10-20 grams per day. Those with disease for 5 years or less : Consume for up to a month. Those with disease for more than 5 years : consume for up to 3 months. Dosage could be reduced gradually or make intervals when recovery is observed

g. Long period of consumption increases one’s well-being. 
Small amount serving direction: 5 -10 grams daily

h. Time for interval consumption: 10-20 grams for 2-3 times a week.

i. To prepare the Chinese Tonic/Herbal Wine with Tongkat Ali, soak about 2.5 kg of Tongkat Ali Slices soaked in wine and brew for at least one month. The therapeutic effects vary on the concentration over the duration of immersion brewing, the more concentrated the better. Take a small cup every night before sleep as beverage for better kidney function (note: not advisable for patients with diabetes, hypertension, or prostate disorders).

东革阿里(Tongkat Ali,学名Eurycoma longifolia Jack)又称马来西亚人参,是生长在东南亚靠近赤道的原始热带雨林中潮湿砂质土壤里的一种野生灌木植物,它有“可以医治千种疾病”的雅号,是马来西亚甚至东南亚最被普遍食用的草药滋补品,与燕窝、锡器一起并称为马来西亚三大国 宝。









养生保健每天 : 2-10克或每周3-4次一次20-30克。10-20天。
强肾增强性功能 : 每天10-20克。25-35岁约15天,36-45岁约35天,46-55岁约40天,50-60岁约50天左右。

前列腺炎 : 每天10-20克。轻度的约25天,中度的约40天,重度的约50天。


  • 5年以下者需连服1个月
  • 5年以上者需连服3个月
  • 类风湿为3个月。




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