This is a 1-year ePaper-only subscription package, offered at a special rate for customers. 

With this subscription, you will receive 1-year access to The Star ePaper, plus access to 4 Regional ePapers – The Jakarta Post, The Nation and The Philippine Daily Inquirer and China Daily Asia Weekly.

The Star ePaper is the digital replica of The Star newspaper that you can read anytime and anywhere, with added features:

• Get the daily news as early as 6am
• Multitask as the news is read to you via audio reader
• Share articles on Facebook, Twitter and email
• Get the latest news via our news feed

Auto-renewal service is available for your convenience. For more info on hassle-free, automated renewals, please click here.

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This is an ePaper only subscription. If you wish to subscribe to our newspaper and epaper bundle, please click here.

Please allow a minimum of 3 working days for us to activate your account.

Special price is not applicable for renewal via Newsstand. Please note that renewals at Newsstand for the special package shall be offered at the normal rate.

Please note you may not purchase more than a maximum of two (2) subscriptions. We reserve the right to cancel orders that exceed the maximum allowed.

Please be informed that this product is non-refundable.

Please refer to the FAQ for more information. T&C apply.


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