The ONE Light (World’s First Interactive Smart Keyboard)

This is a self-learning smart keyboard that connects with iOS and Android devices (recommended iOS). The ONE Light is a musical instruments incorporating digital technology that makes learning to play faster, easier and more enjoyable for all ages.

The ONE Light offers everything you need to learn the piano, including a depository of sheet music from which you can select the piece you want to play, interactive piano lessons that allow you to learn to play the piano from the best teachers at home, and keyboard games to develop your musical sense and get to know the keyboard quickly.

The ONE Smart Piano app features include:

•             High quality, continuously updated sheet music depository

•             Video instructions and simultaneous coaching

•             Multiple mode to help you learn the piano


Why The ONE Smart Keyboard is so special and attractive?:

  • It’s the first keyboard that integrates mobile technology to help individuals play their first piano piece in as little as 5 minutes.
  • The keyboard keys sync with the app to provide real-time feedback using a set of 66-Light up keys that guide the musician’s hands to play the correct notes.
  • We’ve created a game mode that’s a cross-breed between Tap Tap Revenge and Guitar Hero that makes learning fun and competitive.

Product Details

Enjoy lessons given by renowned piano teachers AT HOME!

The ONE's indicator light indicates the key position as teacher plays in the video. At the same time, the teacher will demonstrate the hand position and fingering for each note, while explaning the related theory. Simply play along, and you can easily master the right key position, hand position fingering and the music theory.

Constantly updated Library of Thousands of Scores

You no longer need to purchase any hardcopy music scores nor practice only boring etudes. We provide a cloud library of scores and we are constantly updating it with the trendiest songs to make it the best library of scores in the world. In addition, you can choose either to read the song in standard staff notation or visualized waterfall stream mode, whenever you want and for any song you like.

Kara-Piano—Playing and Gaming at the Same Time

Isn't karaoke a lot of fun? What if it is karaoke played by a piano? Imagine yourself getting immersed in the pop songs that you like, following the indicator light and the colorful waterfalls. You can easily master a song and be able to accompany a nice melody on the piano. The ONE allows you to play the piano like karaokeing. We have arranged songs along different levels of difficulty. No matter which piece you wish to play—a beginner's track or a more difficult one—we always have something prepared for you.

Parent-child easy learning

It is lovely for parents to accompany their children to learn how to play the piano. Show your care and build up the intimacy between you and your significant ones through this highly interactive music playing

Basic Functions

The most thoughtful features, just for you

  • Volume Adjustment:You can choose whatever you want—a higher or lower volume.
  • Built-in Metronome:Professional metronome to keep you in beat. Just turn the knob to adjust the beat. 2/4 beat? 3/4 beat? It's all there.
  • Auto Play"Tired from work? Let The ONE play you beautiful melody. Just sit back and enjoy.
  • Quiet Mode:Practicing at Night? Put on the headphones and submerge into your own world of music without disturbing your neighbors.


Does The ONE only work when connected with an iPad or iPhone?

No, even when it is not connected to an iPad or iPhone, it is still an excellent keyboard.


Do I need to download the app before I connect my iPad to The ONE smart keyboard?

Yes, you need to download The ONE app from the Apple App Store to enable your iPad to interact with The ONE smart keyboard.


What is the use of the indicator lights on The ONE?

When the “Follow the Indicator Light” mode is selected, The ONE uses LED lights to indicate which key to play. Just follow the light, and you will find yourself easily start to play nice music. The ONE can also detect if wrong keys are being played, whereby the music scores will not move until the right key is played.


What functions does The ONE have?

The ONE has many functions, such as follow-the-light playing, recording, scoring, sharing, teaching, and music games. Each function is dedicated to making your piano playing experience fun and easy.


What basic functions does The ONE have?

In addition to the advanced functions such as smart learning and interactive teaching, The ONE also has built-in metronome that enables you to grasp a good sense of rhythm, adjustable volume to turn up and down, three pedals to assist you in playing a variety of sound effects, and also mute function allowing you to practice without disturbing others.


How many keys are there on The ONE's keyboard?

The ONE has a standard 66-key keyboard.


Do I have to learn to read scores to use The ONE?

It is up to you. The ONE can assist you to play popular or classical pieces without reading the scores. We also have structured teaching tutorials given by renowned piano teachers, starting from the classic textbooks by John Thompson. In this way, you can learn to read scores, in addition to professional music knowledge and piano skills.


Will I be able to play other pianos after playing The ONE?

Sure, why not? The ONE will assist you in establishing the resonance between the notes and their corresponding key positions, which applies to any other pianos. You many fall in love with piano playing with the aid of The ONE. The more you play, the easier it becomes.


Can a child use The ONE to learn piano-playing?

The ONE provides professional tutorials given by renowned piano teachers. The child can also record and upload their own playing clips for the teachers to review and provide feedbacks for improvement.


Do I need to send for a teacher for my children if they are already using The ONE?

We recommend that parents accompany their children during the learning. As long as parents are willing to invest time, piano learning can be done without a piano teacher, with the aid of our online tutorials and interactive guide. Otherwise, a piano teacher is still required. But still, The ONE, with its smart piano scores, interactive tutorials, audio playback and scoring functions, will enable the child to grasp the gist of piano-playing at a faster rate.


Can I play music games on The ONE?

Our games will help you build a grasp of rhythm on the keyboard. Just download The ONE app to your iPad from the Appstore and connect it with the piano, then you can enter the game mode in a few taps to enjoy all the fun piano games.


What's the size of The ONE?

The keyboard has 61 Keys with the overall measurement of L:92cm x H:10cm x W:33cm.


Basic Parameters

Keyboard:61 keys, touch responsive

Maximum Polyphony:128 polyphony, the more instrument sounds that can be generated simultaneously, the richer your music is

Sound Library: Via The ONE App, you can choose from 417 instrument sounds, including 16 folks’ music instruments, 9 percussions, 603 drums and 256 MIDI sounds.

Sound System: 3D Super Stereo Sound System amplifies your happiness. It also supports various music app and mp3 formats.

Play Without Plug: Just put in 6 AA batteries, you are ready for a musical journey

Light: Just follow the 61 red LED lights, The Light will teach you how to play melodious music.

Mic Port: One 6.25mm microphone port, sing to your heart’s content while you play.

AUX OUT Port: One 6.35mm audio output port, can be connected to sound system, mixer, recorder or other facilities.

AUX IN Port: One 6.35mm audio input port, can be connected to MP3/CD players or other music sources.

Earphone: One 3.5mm earphone port, insulate you from the noise when you play during the day, prevent you from disturbing your neighbours when you play at night.


T & C

Warranty Information

It is our policy to honor warranties and perform warranty service only on products purchased from our Official Website and an Authorized Dealer. If you purchase from an unauthorized source, our product warranty program will not be valid. The ONE warranty program for the products as below:

The ONE Keyboard: Warranty 1 year

The ONE Keyboard accessories / connectors   : Warranty 1 month



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