Innovation technology!
The TENGA Flip Hole is TENGA's most innovative piece of male masturbation technology.
It's a multi-functioning device designed to be a leader in male masturbator that stimulates with never-felt-before sensations.

Inside the TENGA Flip Hole White Masturbator, there is a silicone sleeve which has vacuum pump, wing gate, quattro wave, lip lap, shield flap, side rib, end orb and click orb designed to deliver an amazing feel. This super sensual texture of the Flip Hole White caress, hold, stroke and rub your penis is ways that you never thought possible.

Blanket yourself in the gentle bliss of these delicate details!
Experience the supple texture of our softest Flip Hole.
The gentle, yet intricate details provide a sublime sensation.
The One Hand Control Pad lets you control the stimulation

The unique Flip hole
With the state-of-the-art reusable masturbation device for men, the case flips open to reveal the amazing silicone sleeve filled with unique, yet intricate details design to create a genuinely better-than-real experience. It has been designed to give you the best stimuli

An extraordinary elastomer
Its inside is made of elastomer which gives it an ultra-sensation touch. It has an astonishing complex inside shape. Every centimeter of it has a particular function. Its flexible casing with buttons allows a total control of the stimuli.

Technology of Flip Hole
Experience the supple texture of the Flip Hole, the unique, yet intricate details provide a sublime sensation and the one hand control pad lets you control the stimulation. Its expandable mid-section allows for different sized girth. You can insert up to 6.5 inches of your shaft into the Flip Hole.The discreet 1 inch opening stretches to accommodate even the largest of girths up to 2.5 inches in diameter.

Standing at 7 inches tall with a sleek and subtle look! The revolutionary features of this Flip Hole make it one of TENGA's best products, providing fantastic sensations with every thrust!

Utilization of TENGA's pioneering Flip-style technology has realized these intricate details. Easy to clean and easy to dry for hygienic use. Loaded with features such as the One-Hand Control Pad and Vacuum Pump to enhance the sensation at your finger-tips.

Economically friendly (re-usable up to 50 times) and with the three different lubricants, you choose your own experience!

TENGA Flip Hole included 03 lubricants and each is 30ml inside, specifically designed to heighten your pleasure: Mild, Real and Wild. Wild is infused with Menthol to give a tingling sensation, Mild delivers a softly wrapped feeling and Real has moisture that feels just like the real thing.

You can have your TENGA Flip Hole in either white, black red or silver. All are made out of high quality materials and are 100% submersible. Be aware that there is a small air bubble next to the first button on the unit to help with the expansion of the rubber and prevent rupturing or popping during use.

Packaged in a striking case, the Flip Hole really doesn't look like a  toy with its inconspicuous design and non-realistic opening. Which will be your favorite?

SIZE: 85×68×175mm/ 558g

Disclaimer: The results of using this product may vary from person to person

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