Teh Pecah Beling (Black Face General Tea ) is made from many kind of tropical herbs, such like  Strobilanthes japonicus, Clinacanthus nutans and others.

 From the studies,  Strobilanthes japonicus are bioactive agents inside the leaves which are fitosterol and highly mineral content such as kalium (51%), calcium (24%), natrium (24%), ferum (1%) and phosphorus (1%). The leaves also contain highly vitamin C, B1, B2, katekin and tannin. All these contents contribute to highly activity of antioxidant.

Benefits of Strobilanthes japonicus (Pecah Beling) :

· To eliminate stone

· Reduce the cholesterol level

· Effective as anti-microbe

· Clear body heat, eliminate blood stasis, remove toxin

- Help to increase the activity of anti-oxidant to protect body from free radical.

As a summary, Pecah Beling gives many benefits to our health and act as an anti-oxidant.

Clinacanthus nutans is also exhibits an excellent anti-inflammatory activity, and relief of minor skin inflammation and insect bites well.

碎璃茶是本地著名草药-黑面将军、憂盾草及其他多种本地草本制成。学名Strobilanthes crispus的黑面将军草富含多种矿物质和维他命,从而使草药拥有强大的抗氧化功能,传统上用于利尿、消炎或调理月经,舒缓经痛。

Product Details

Packing : 2g x 30 sachets / box 每盒30茶袋


Immerse 1-2 sachets into hot water and soal for at 10- 20 minutes. use while the tea still hot or warm. 把1-2茶袋浸泡在滚水内20分钟后趁热喝。

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