Citrus fruit is tangerine peel, dried or artificial drying. The most notable is the efficacy of Citrus lung, clear the cardiovascular, blood pressure, etc., it is one of the valuable raw materials Medicinal and Edible. Mass popular favorite snack foods. Flavor is sweet, sweet, salty, sour, fragrant with  tangerine peel, not only lung, shun gas quench their thirst, and good taste.

陈皮有下列功用: 1.对消化系统的作用:陈皮所含挥发油对胃肠道有温和的刺激作用,可促进消化液的分泌,排除肠管内积气,显示了芳香健胃和驱风下气的效果。 2.对心血管系统的作用:陈皮煎剂、醇提物等能兴奋心肌,但剂量过大时反而出现抑制。

Citrus has the following functions: 1. Effects on the digestive system: Citrus contains volatile oil of the gastrointestinal tract has a mild stimulating effect, can promote the secretion of digestive juices, exclude intestinal gas accumulation, showing the aromatic and carminative stomach under the effect of the gas. 2. Cardiovascular system: Citrus decoction, ethanol extract of the like can be excited myocardium, but rather appear to inhibit overdose.

Product Details

可冲泡热水饮用,口感佳!Can be brewed hot drink, taste good!

Shelf life保质期

保质期: 12个月于一般室温。

Shelf life: 12 months in normal room temperature.

保存方式 :


Storage: Keep in a cool dry place below 26degrees Celsius. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight; need to consume completely as soon as possible after opening.

Packing Weight ±25gram x 20sachets

Packing Size ±35cm(w)x20cm(h)x23cm(l)

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Shipping & Delivery

  1. 西马:免费送货上门(1-3个工作日)West Malaysia : Free delivery (1-3 working days)
  2. 产品只能传送到投递地址是一个家庭或办公室的地址。Product can only deliver to a delivery address which is a home or office address.


Returns Policy

  1. 如有材料短缺,交货日期会另行通知。In case of materials shortage, delivery date may subject to notification.
  2. 商品售后概不退还。Goods sold are not returnable.
  3. 货物售出恕不接纳退回除了误送不对的产品例外。All goods sold are not returnable except in the event of incorrect item delivered.
  4. 如有误送任何不对的产品,请连同印本发票单并第一时间联系电邮kee_lee_top@hotmail.com或致电: 017-5151665安排回退。.  Any exchange or return due to incorrect item delivered must notify seller together with copy of Invoice/ DO through or call: 017-5151665


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