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Products Name : Super Energy Bio Ceramic Alkaline Water Filtration System (7 Filters)

Products Code : BU1A3

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Service Life


Filter 1 = 1 Year

Pre Filter (Fibre)

Pre Filter is composed of fibre with 5um size of porosity which filter off rust, sediment, suspended solid and other pollutants from old tank and pipe.


Filter 2 = 1 Year

Activated Carbon Filter (Activated Carbon)

Activated Carbon Filter is composed of activated carbon with high porosity on its surface which remove such pollutants as residual chlorine, colours, unpleasant odors, THMS, detergents, organic compound, chemicals by using strongly activated carbon absorption.


Filter 3 = 2 Years

Silver Activated Carbon Filter

Silver Activated Carbon filter is composed of silver-impregnated carbon which prohibit bacteria from being growing in the activated carbon and remove germs and bacteria in water


Filter 4 = 2 Years

Mineral Filter (Silica Sand, Ceramic Stones, Tourmaline Ball, Silver Mineral)

Mineral filter is composed of various naturals minerals for the good health of human being which are dissolved into water and contribute to making living mineral ions as essential mineral and keep pH balance to alkaline water which is physically good for the health.

Filter 5 = 3 Years

FIR-Vital Filter (Mineral Sand, FIR Ceramic Ball, Bio-Ball)

FIR-Vital filter is composed of natural bio ceramic materials which make water molecule cluster smaller to be absorbed into our cells easily for the good health of human being. And FIR materials galvanize the activity of water molecules which contribute to the improvement of energy in human body.


Filter 6 = Permanent

Multi-Functional Filter (FIR Infrared Rays, Mineral Stones, Beehive Structured Ceramic, Longevity Stones, Magnetic Material)

Multi-Functional Filter activates the molecular movement of the water to smaller water cluster to enhance human metabolism and then increase absorption capacity and balance the water molecules. Mineral and Longevity Stones contain calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, selenium, zinc, iodine, rare elements and minerals and increase the mineral contents in the body.


Filter 7 = 3 Years

Micro Filter (Activated Carbon)

Micro Filter is made of activated carbon which is composed of plenty of pores to remove floating materials and pollutants.


Warranty : 1 Year


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