SUNYO SY-60TP Thermo Pot consists of a double-wall insulated container and 2 piece stainless steel inner pots. Double-wall thermal insulation locks in temperature to preserve heat/cold and freshness for up to 6 hours! 

Convenient and easy way cooking

The heat-retention cooking system works like a non-electric slow cooker to allow user to prepare delicious meals with doing other things.10 mins of cooking on the stove is all you need, and place the food into the Thermal pot, and let SUNYO SY-60TP does it job while you're busy doing other things. Besides, you're able to save more energy as the meal is on the gas stove for a shortér period of time.


Worry-Free Cooking


The food inside can never be over-cooked so that you will avoid scorching, evaporation, over boiling or bitterness. Meanwhile, external surface still stays cool to the touch even with hot food from within.


Safe your energy and efforts


Brings your food anywhere! With the lockable lid and convenient carrying handle allows you to bring hot or cold food around without worries.

No more worries for cold drinks and melting ice

Store your drinks and ice into this SUNYO Thermo Pot and it helps to preserve cold temprature for up to 6 hours. Sit back and enjoy cold drinks and chilling ice during your picnic or happy hours with friends without worrying anymore. 


Product Details

  • Outer insulated pot spec came in stainless steel in both exterior and interior
  • The inner pot is available in single-layer base or triple-layer base for selection
  • Capacity 6.0L

T & C

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4. Return reason has to be valid and returns acceptance conditions met (check out below)


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