For those looking for reliable smoke detectors for use at home or in the office, the easy install, standalone photoelectric smoke alarm is one of the most recommended. Its fitted photoelectric sensor is sensitive, specific and therefore, minimizes false positives when it is in use. It has easy to mout breckets , an 85db alarm horn and 10 years lifetime warranty 

The unit also comes with a built-in lithium battery which means it is ready to go right out of the box.

Manufacturer Description

The standalone Smoke & Fire Alarm with an advanced photoelectric sensing unit reacts swiftly to fires in your house and also safeguards your family against fatal hazards. 

Reputable Performance 

The photoelectric sensing unit of this standalone Smoke Alarm is specifically sensitive at detecting gradually establishing fires which could smolder for hrs prior to breaking right into fires. Resources of these fires consist of cigarettes melting in sofas or bedding. Nonetheless, this smoke alarm additionally offers quick detection of quick, flaming fires that eat flammable materials quickly and also spread swiftly, such as those dued to flammable liquids or paper burning in a waste container. 

Hassle-free Use 

The LED indication on this smoke alarm flashes every 53 seconds in the standby disorder. When it spots smoke, the alarm sounds with a quantity of as much as 85 dB to inform all household participants. You could silence the alarm by pressing the test button when non-emergency smoke triggers problem alarms. The alarm will certainly additionally automatically reset when the harmful disorders have actually passed. 

10-Year Lifetime 

Furnished with an integrated lithium-ion battery, this smoke alarm boasts an exceptional lifetime of as much as 10 years in the standby disorder, giving durable defense for your family and also residence. The alarm beeps every 40 seconds when the battery requires replacing. 

Easy Installation 

The smoke alarm includes a mounting brace, 2 screws and also 2 support plugs, and also can be effortlessly installed in properties, apartment or condos, mobile residences and also dorm room areas. We suggest that the alarm ought to be located between resting locations and also possible sources of fires such as living areas and also kitchen areas.

Product Features

Photoelectric sensor is particularly sensitive at detecting slowly developing fires and also provides timely detection of fast, flaming fires The alarm sounds with a volume of up to 85 dB to all household members when it detects smoke You may silence the alarm by pressing the test button when non-emergency smoke causes nuisance s Equipped with a built-in lithium-ion battery, this smoke alarm boasts a remarkable lifetime of up to 10 years in the standby condition Comes with a mounting bracket, 2 screws and 2 anchor plugs, and can be easily installed in houses, apartments, mobile homes and dormitory rooms





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