3R Stain Off Sticker is very useful and effectively to remove the gum left by after remove sticker, label, double side adhesive and also glass window film. 

Contains: +- 500 gm


1. Use shovel or scraper to remove the sticker, label and double side adhesive etc.

2. Spray the 3R Stains Off Sticker Remover to the gum left by after remove sticker, label and double side adhesive.

3. And then leave brieftly and brush up ( for signs of stubborness, re-spray it ).

4. Then clean with water. If use for the plastic surface, clean it immediately and do not touch the car dash board.

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容量:大约 500 gm


1. 用铲子去除粘纸、双面胶、或标签。

2. 喷洒本产品于撕下的粘纸标签遗留下的痕迹。

3. 待放几分钟后,再用刷子刷洗,直到清除污迹。

4. 最后再用水清洗。如有顽固污迹,再重复使用。如果使用在塑料表面上,请尽快清理。车内使用时不可接触仪器盘。

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