• Turn cold / hot water into 55 degree in just 1 minute
  • Ideal for drinking coffee, milk, water, juice, etc.
  • Convenient for Business Trips Pleasure Travel
  • Perfect for making baby formula milk
  • Suitable for camping, sporting and etc.

Product Details

The first thermos in the history, turn cold / hot water into 55 degree in just 1 minute.
The 55 degree celcius thermo different from the ordinary thermos cup. This 55 degrees Celsius thermos cup is a fast cooling cup.
According the physical cooling principle, when you pour 100 degree hot water into the cup, tighten the cup lid, shake the bottle up and down for about 1 minute, the temperature of the water will drop down to 55 degree, a perfect temperature for drinking water.
(Second cup) can also be cold water into the cup, the cup cover also tightened rocked back and forth. For about 1 minutes and then open the cup cover, a cup of cold water will quickly turn into the original immediately drinking warm water.
When the water is lower than 55 degree, it will heating up the temperature to 55 degree after shake the bottle 1 minute
When the water is higher than 55 degree, it will lower the temperature to 55 degree after shake the bottle 1 minute
1. Why 55 degree?
According to scientific research, 55 degree is the perfect temperature for drinking.
If the water is too hot, it may damage our gullet, and could lead to esophagus in long term.
If the water is too cold, it could lead to diarrhea for someone who has a sensitive stomach.
2. How to use the thermos?
First, you will need to fill it with hot water, and just shake it for 1 minute, the water will magically turn 55 degree for you to drink.
Then you can fill another cup of water into the thermos, it could be hot or cold. If you want to fill with hot water, it needs to be half an hour after the first cup of hot water, if you fill with cold water, repeat the shaking, and cold water will turn 55 degree in just 1 min.
3. What is the mechanism behind this thermos?
Inside the thermos, it is made with nanometer material which can transfer and store the heat.
When the water temperature is above 55 degree, the heat will quick transfer to the nanometer material and store it, and when the water temperature is lower than 55 degree, the heat will be released and warm up the cold water until it reaches 55 degree.
  • Drinkware Type:Vacuum Flasks & Thermoses
  • Feature:Eco-Friendly
  • Shape:Bullet
  • Material:Stainless Steel
  • Thermal Insulation Performance: 0-6 hours
  • Capacity:280ml
  • Size (L x W x H)=8cm x 8cm x 22cm


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