Sleep Therapy Mask, Glo To Sleep

Stop your repetitive and worrying thoughts, quickly achieve a deeply relaxed state that leads to natural sleep.

Sleep issues are often the result of an overactive mind at bed time. Glo To Sleep will help you focus your mind on the process of relaxation, sleep naturally and effectively. By raising the eyes and holding them on a focal point of blue light, you can instantly stop repetitive and worrying thoughts and quickly achieve a deeply relaxed state that leads to sleep.



Product Details


Glo to Sleep effectively blocks out unwanted external light allowing you to more easily get to sleep, stay asleep and enjoy higher quality sleep.

Recessed eye pieces block out all outside light and allow the eyes to blink normally. Great for travellers too as eye-make up won't smudge and you won't wake up with a sleep-mask pattern on your face.

No batteries or wires are needed.

Unique, lightweight, breathable foam means that the mask is feather-light when worn and comfortable to wear all night long

A soft adjustable Velcro strap fits all head sizes.

Made with hypoallergenic foam.

We wish you a good sleep..z z z 

Technical Specification

Foam : Hypoallergenic foam.

Point of Glo : Photoluminescent, environmentally friendly, nontoxic, non-radioactive.Only gives off the light they absorb.


Easy to use

1.Hold the inside of the Glo to Sleep near a light source for about 30 seconds.

2.The Point of Glo inside the mask will turn blue.

3.Slip on your Glo To Sleep, look up at the Points of Glo, breathe deeply feeling your thoughts slow and your body relax as your drift off to sleep.

4.The Points of Glo are inert,non-toxic and give off only the light they have absorbed.


Item in Box

1 Sleep Therapy Mask


T & C

Receive wrong item or defective , 7 day exchange, buyer pays return postage.

Return for refund not allowed


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