Sonne Foot sauna is made out of 100% Canadian Red Cedar. The red cedar used in Sonne foot sauna construction is Therapeutically Aromatic, provides a true relaxing experience.

The red cedar comes from Canada Sustainable Forests products – planting plan to ensure forest health.


Sonne 养生足疗桶 (Sonne 养生足桑拿)

  • 免用水
  • 远红外线刺激穴位


如果近年发现双足疼痛或觉得身体疲劳,可以尝试Sonne 养生足疗桶 (Sonne Foot Sauna)。


Sonne 养生足疗桶是采用德国远红外线医疗科技照顾双脚 (膝盖和关节)的健康,其选用来自加拿大的红雪松,即生命之树为实体原木,为家人建造保健产品。



 Benefits of Sonne Foot Sauna 

1. Reduce joint and artritis pain

2. Comforts and relaxes tired legs

3. Stimulates acupunture points on the feet

4. Improve blood circulation

5. Lessen cramping pain on legs

 Sonne 脚部桑拿的好處 

1. 改善關節炎和減輕關節疼痛
2. 放鬆並疏解雙腿疲勞
3. 刺激腳部穴位,舒筋活絡
4. 減少腳部抽筋和疼痛
5. 促進血液循環



How it works?

Sonne foot sauna is using medical grade Far Infrared (FIR) that can penetrate up to 4cm into your skin as it uses a special waveband of therapeutic energy. This energy is safe and effective.

By using the Sonne foot sauna just once every day for 30-45 minutes, it will soothe you with its warm gentle energy, while making you sweat a lot. You can burn up to 200 calories in 30 minutes (reduce body fat).

Good news for people with joint pain and flabby thighs.

Sonne foot sauna can reduce the chances of having a heart attack or stroke in people who are prone to blocked blood vessels and no time to do regular exercise.

Regular sessions of Sonne foot sauna stimulate the release of a substance called nitric oxide that will improve people cardiovascular conditioning.

It also improves the endothelium functions, which helps to reduce the risk of stroke.

Regular use of Sonne foot sauna will helps people with high blood pressure due to vasodilation.

Sonne foot sauna will remove toxins from our sweat, such as lead, cadmium, nickel and bisphenol A (BPA). Good to Sweat it Out and reduce your risk of cancer.

 Sonne Sauna support: 6 016 222 9737 

Product Details

Sonne foot sauna is convenient and comfortable.

Now you can work up a healthy sweat in the comforts of your own home with Sonne foot sauna: 30 minutes every day.

Sonne脚 部 桑 拿 方 便  您 在 家 天 天 使 用, 30 – 45 分  钟,效 果 显 著 。


1. 链接家用电插。

2. 把双脚放入SONNE入口处。

3. 开启电源,设定理想温度和时间 (建议:55℃,30分钟)。

4. 阅读,处理公事,看电视,听音乐,聊天时皆可以使用SONNE。

5. 使用后请为身体补充一杯白开水。




SONNE is the product conforms with (Conformite Europeenne) directive

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Delivery & Shipping Time

West Malaysia : 7 - 14 days

East Malaysia : 2 - 3 weeks / self collection

Sonne Malaysia (sales & support)

 WhatsApp / WeChat: 6 016 222 9737  


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