The Gifted Song Yan Ginger

SongYan Ginger is organically grown in the environment which emphasize the balance of nature and living organism. Without any chemicals and synthetic fertilizer to catalyst the growth, Songyan ginger takes 10 months of mature period to harvest. Thus Songyan ginger is enriched with minerals, trace elements, vitamins and with more than 4 times of gingerils than normal ginger. Gingerols is know as a superior anti oxidant, it is even more effective than vitamin E to eliminate free radicals in our body. The superb benefits of Songyan Ginger help to anti aging, prevent skin spots / freckles, suppress the growth of cancer cells.


Functions of SongYan Ginger:

  • Bone diseases: degenerative of bone and joints, arthritis, joint swollen
  • Digestive disorder: indigestion, flatulence, poor appetite, nausea
  • Respiratory disorder: asthma, cough, short breath
  • Blood Circulation: limbs numbness and cold due to poor blood circulation, high blood triglycerides, dizziness, paleness skin
  • Others: anti-inflammation, promote skin perspiration, prevent the formation of liver and gallbladder stones, soothe the symptoms during prenancy, and best food for mother after delivery







  • 关节疾病:风湿疼痛,关节疼痛,骨骼退化
  • 消化疾病:胃寒,胃胀,食欲不振,呕吐
  • 呼吸疾病:气喘,久咳,气短
  • 心血管疾病:血脂高,心悸盗汗,血液循环不佳,四肢麻痹冰冷,脸色苍白
  • 其他:补气行血,抗癌,抗衰老,解毒杀菌,促进皮肤排汗,预防胆结石,改善怀孕期间不适,产妇做月期间最佳食品


Product Details

Product: Song Yan Ginger Soup


Ingredients: Song Yan Ginger, Red date, dimocarpus Longan, Molasses, Japanese Maltooligosaccarides


Weight: 168g (14g x 12 sachets)


Direction of use: Consume daily before breakfast. Mix one sachet with 150ml of warm water.


Product of: Song Yan


Expiry Date: 3 years







重量:168g (14g x 12包)





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