Snoring at night does not show good sleep, as many people known. And snoring is not just bad for health, but also impacts family by the loud snoring sound. Large numbers of people snore�� 60% of men and (despite their protestations) 40% of women. It becomes more prevalent as we get older and/or more overweight. It is also more likely in those who have indulged in alcohol or smoking. The obvious problem with snoring is that it can affect the quality of sleep of both the snorer and their bed partner. It has even led to serious domestic disputes.

If you believe everything you read concerning snoring prevention remedies you will be overwhelmed with a whole range of differing products claiming to provide a solution. These products range from those that logically might be thought to work (such as nasal strips to open up the nasal airways) to those that are most unsatisfactory solutions (such as devices to disturb your sleep when you start snoring!). You are obviously free to try any of these products, but we believe that you will be wasting your money.

All is not lost however, the Snore Gone snoring prevention device will work for most people! For only RM54, live snore-free nights and wake up feeling more rested, energetic and less likely to have a dry mouth and throat.

Snore Gone is the pleasant alternative to nudging your snoring partner or suffering through another noisy and sleepless night. It�s as simple to use as a wristwatch! Just strap it on, and the sound-sensitive device instantly responds to snoring by transmitting a gentle, yet stimulating series of electrical pulses (for just a few seconds) to encourage your partner to change position�without waking him or her up! LED power indicator. Designed with an adjustable Velcro strap which you can put on your wrist like a watch.

-Improved more natural breathing efficiency increases blood flow and oxygen levels with obvious benefits.
-Less disturbed sleep helps eliminate daytime sleepiness and the constant desire to have a nap.
-Most importantly, less disturbed sleep helps improves safety when driving. In the United Kingdom studies have shown that up to 20% of accidents are caused as a direct result of tiredness.
-You wake up feeling more rested, energetic and are less likely to have a dry mouth and throat.

Finally, doubtless because of an indirect result of the above benefits, many of those who have stopped snoring have also claimed increased virility.

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