The Smart Watch connects to your Phone via a strong bluetooth connection so you can get a variety of information straight from your smart phone. It also works as a standalone phone, utilizing a 2G data connection to allow you to browse on your browser (very affordable Data Network Plan), make calls, and much more all on your wrist!!

The SmartWatch allows you to store up to 8gb of memory on your watch with a SD card. You can manage alarms, calenders, and files all on your wrist! We are so confident in this product, we offers a satisfaction-guaranteed refund policy and a 12-month warranty for any non-physical defect to the watch. You can change the application interface of the watch easily. The Smart Watch features a long-lasting battery (100 hrs standby), low-energy bluetooth so it doesn't drain your phones battery like most bluetooth devices, an ultra-responsive, glossy touch screen, a USB chord, and a user manual.

The watch is made to work with your FAST-PACED LIFE. SMS, calls, weather, music control, all appear straight on your wrist! You never have to feel weighed down or hassled by your bulky phone when you're on the move. This watch allows you to be SMART with your smart phone and get hassle-free notifications and communications during your busy schedule. USER-FRIENDLY OPERATION-- The Smart Watch allows you to swipe left, right, and down, to scroll through the different applications, calls, and texts on the watch. Scroll up and down on your phonebook on the watch to call and message your contacts. Swipe away to navigate from one app to the next with a super-responsive touch screen. Easy notifications--Easily view e-mails and app notifications straight from your wrist! Compatibility- the watch works with all android and IOS phones and devices--the watch works best with android 4.0 and above.. Text does not work for Iphone.

Product Details

  • Features:Display the number or name of incoming calls. Answer or Dial calls from your wrist.(After Bluetooth Paring)
  • Supports SIM card, it's a mobile phone unlocked for worldwide use, it can connect via bluetooth as well with IOS and Android phone.
  • Sunlight Readable, Touch/Swipe/Pinch. Detachable and Rechargeable Battery Capacity: 450mAh Stanby Time: 72 hrs Talking Time: 6 hrs Music Playing Time: 8 hrs.
  • Use Your Sim Card to Connect to the 2G DATA network for an affordable way to connect to a cell phone provider!! This watch can work as a standalone phone or as a bluetooth companion to your cell phone! Store up to 8GB on your Watch with a SD CARD! Use your watch as a convenient flash drive to store files. This watch comes with a camera and video camera
  • Receive texts, calls, app notifications on your wrist! Play music on your watch via music playback or with the songs stored on the watch. Watch videos or movies on the watch.


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